Freedom in Pai

I was a month or so into my South-East Asia trip when I fell upon a place that represents freedom to me. To this day it is still that place that I’ve ever felt the most free. This place was a small hippie town in the north of Thailand. This place was called Pai.
This experience is something I always genuinely feel happy about, and actually privileged about being part of. Even more so I feel myself lucky to have experienced the time I did.
The feel of Pai instantly hit me as soon as I arrived. I instantly felt calm. I felt in a sacred location. Even I felt away from any sort of tourism. I felt the place I was at and the people I was with, created my of freedom. The people understood you, for whoever you were, but more than normal travelers to a degree that they were happy for you and your life. You were happy for them. The laughter, the honesty, the happiness, it really gave evidence of the travelers saying of ‘Each to their own’.
Things such as lying in hammocks, listening to music, the beautiful sun shining, the breeze blowing, streams & waterfalls, fun drinking games, BBQ’s, frogs croaking, and being in the rice fields whilst staying in huts all contributed. Every single one of us came to Pai for a reason. We wanted something different.
I realized freedom isn’t something we can always fully feel, but in these days, with these people, in this town, I felt special. I felt freedom in myself, but because of these people, I felt we were one. People acting themselves in a place in the world where they could. It felt real. It felt like our community, all staying at Spicy Pai.
We were full of mixed nations, different cultures, and we achieved that one thing which is freedom. Freedom in Pai.


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