On the yellow brick road, from Asia to Oz

On the yellow brick road from Asia to Oz

Time flies…..Its January 2014 now. I’m still in Melbourne. I look back on all the people on my Facebook, people I met in Asia from September to June 2012-2013, and I look at their status. When I met them, in whatever mindset or location we were at, you remember the whispers, echoes, faintness, drunken chats, of many were going to Australia.

And when you arrive in Australia, it’s such a different world to Asia. Asia brings a bubble of pure freedom and happiness. The culture is so different, being able to adapt to that, enjoy it, respect it, love it. The great things in life for us Westerners are that we can afford these luxuries backpacking in beautiful continents like Asia. I can’t get over Asia and I don’t think I ever will. I’m sitting here now, with my world planned for the next two years of further travel, but I doubt I’ll ever be as happy as I was in Asia. The first time there was incredible. Such an eye opener to what I been brought up in. The people got me, understood me, and were open like me. No ego’s, restricted conversations, fashion worries, no structured life. So we are on the way to Oz. And you remember the time you met that person who’s Facebook you’re browsing through. I’ve done this several times, and for where I was, almost as if we were the elite but obviously we weren’t, just those times in Asia, we are living then, and ending in Australia. It’s very interesting to see them, in a different place, a more western place, and to spend all these months out in Australia. Some of them are going home, some of them went home, and for me, every time I see someone who is part of the people I met across 10 months in the Promised Land who were journeying to Australia, I get a bit of a sad feeling. That time has gone, pure just looking back and it’s the end of this chapter. Just a few examples, Nicola Todd, the girl I met this time last year in Bangkok, I ended up in India with her. We didn’t travel as much as we though together, but she’s home now. Her Oz adventure is done. Asia is done. She’s gone back for the first time and I couldn’t help feel a bit anxious about that.  Another, Victoria Leese, oh crazy Victoria. I met her in Halong Bay in very drunken times. She’s a passionate girl. Haven’t heard much from her since Vietnam really, I now see her status implying she’s leaving Oz after a year here. All that time has gone. That’s about to be over. It’s not even about leaving Oz; just the course of nature that involves life’s full of changing chapters, mindsets and direction. My mate Damo, met him in India and came over with him to Oz, he’s ready to stay here, he’s getting married. A life now which will now separate from a exploration, hostels, sleeping rough and thinking of where to fly to next.  He’s going to be settled and normal life resumes, which is great. But it makes me a little bit reminiscent. I guess that’s life as a backpacker. For me it’s experiencing these feels for the first time. Maybe it’s me; I’m still partially in that bubble, looking back and not wanting things to move forward. For me, I’m not running away, my life has just begun. I’ve got my plans, South America is next, and I can’t wait. I think as a backpacker you can never get that initial feeling back. Maybe a similar feel, if you visit a new continent or experience, but that first feeling… ah man. Solo travellers on the road, looking for experience, culture, love… looking for life…nothing lasts forever. Imagine relating this to a way when people were young and signed up for the forces, all together and excited, going somewhere. But unfortunately that has shown not everyone makes it. That’s much more tragic than what I’m talking about. However, in terms of travelling, and keeping that feeling of just pure bliss going, it’s still me that’s left behind. I’m the lonely one. The one that is just keeping going until I cannot no more


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