5 Reasons Why You Should Go To World Cup This Summer


For all you Football or Soccer fans out there, this World Cup promises to be a spectacular event. Some may wonder if its going to be too overrun with tourists to attend Brazil this June, and you may be right. I understand you may want to see Brazil in its own light without other influences, but i urge you not to be put off by this. You should go:

  1. Because it’s most peoples first or second choice for a World Cup location. Last time it happened was over 60 years ago; will you be able or willing to go in 60 years’ time? Maybe not.
  2. Because the country is on the up This is the beginning for Brazil, the Olympics to follow, the economy is booming – now is the time to go.
  3. Because regardless of how your country does in this year’s finals, it’s still going to be a crazy party. You’ll probably forget about your teams heartbreaking loss the next day, whilst your sitting on Copacabana beach sipping a coconut shake, watching beautiful Brazilians frolic in the waves.
  4. Because it’s probably the biggest World Cup that will have taken place for many a year. We grew up admiring the Brazilians football skills, now we can see them close up, with access and traveling to Brazil easier than ever.
  5. Because it’s Brazil. Its the mesmerizing city, the relaxed beach life, its the Latin culture, the sexy dancing, the delicious food & cold beers. Is there anywhere else you’d rather be at that time? There will be no place on earth that is more full of life, other than Brazil in June.

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