20 Great Things About Melbourne as a Backpacker


Its full of backpackers. If you could describe a place in this world that once backpacking through a continent a vast amount of backpackers would go to make it all happen again, Melbourne is No.1.


The Food is some of the best in the world. From every corner of the globe, from every spot of taste buds on your tongue, Melbourne has everything from Japanese to Thai to Mexican to Afghanistan tastes.


Its affordable to stay in a apartment with a free swimming pool and gym. You couldn’t do that in London I assure you. Unless you were on mega bucks


Pretty much everyone is good looking. The style is funky, quirky, hot and slutty. There are mixed natio’s from all over the world. Melbournians are hot.


The city itself is easy to get around. Its either vertical or horizontal. Thank the old English colony for there military set up.


St Kilda. Its a rad place for backpackers. The beach is a good hangout although not beautifully scenic. It has bars and restaurants around and is always busy. It signifies Melbourne.


The apartments. New, modern, comfy and in beautiful locations. Really gives Melbourne that bling but not too much.


Crown Casino has everything. If you’ve worked your ass off and want to spend some hard earned money, go here.


Goon is 11 dollars for 4 litres. Need I say more?


Greatest Cocktails ever. Again, sells itself?


Its more like a new Europe with better weather, opportunity and alot more chilled. You can meet everyone from any country, everyone a bit more relaxed and happy.


It has all seasons. Which can be a bit crazy. But hey, wearing thongs and singlets all the time, thats cool, but everyone likes to wear some nice clothes and play inside sometimes don’t they? The weather lets you do this


Buskers and Street performers are everywhere. There is always something new going on. Whether its live Peruvian native music to Passenger busking live down Yarra Valley, its always something good


Everyone likes to keep fit and eat healthy. Well, not everyone. But fitness is a big thing. South Yarra is a great place to run and do time lapse. They even have spinach and other greens in Breakfast Baps!


Doesn’t matter how long you will live or stay there for, you always find a new quirky event or bar that you had no idea about. I’m still finding obscure bars that I had no idea existed. Generally scratched the surface.


Full of real people. Everyone loves the beach. But the people who are Melbournians or adopted Melbournians are there for the place due to its injection of LIFE. Great conversations, banter, quirky events, top drinks and brilliant vibe make this place a place for the most sociable of backpackers


The arts. Whether its Theatre or Museums, Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia hands down.


Opportunity. You get given a chance in Melbourne if you go for it. You can make money and that’s all everyone wants really, that opportunity to make something.


You will meet someone here you have seen before on your travels. Its the meeting hub of Australia. Reunions take place constantly. Its backpackers city.


Melbourne Summers. Sport events, festivals, guitars playing, laying on grass in St Kilda, BBQ’s by the river – great times. Get yourself here!




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