9 Reasons Why Reunions From Travelling Are Awesome


  1. You know you’ve made a friend for life. You have experience a tremendously happy time together at some point, meeting again confirms its not just a one off.
  2. You are from different corners of the globe. You re-ignite that new excitement of getting along with one another, both being different but interested in every aspect of ones life
  3. Normally, it turns into a party where you can’t stop laughing. Happiness is automatically presented through the reunion, add alcohol to that, you’re in for a fun time
  4. You share the experiences you had when you first met. You talk about ‘that moment’ whether it was on a beach, dancing in a night club or something crazy happened. It even could be about how often you both ate Ham & Cheese Toasties from 7 Eleven.
  5. You’ve made alot of effort via Whatsapp or Online, the excitement is building up but at a level with no human connection. Most of your contact are from still photos, inbox messages or quick chat Skype Sessions. When you finally reunite, its the real thing.
  6. You have great conversations about what your plans are next. Whether its moving to Canada or living in Columbia, the future is almost as good as the past.
  7. You learn things from one another about how they seen your previous time together. You see things your way in the moment, but to be reminded or to be told about other things you may have missed, can be interesting and shocking.
  8. You know whenever you are in their home country, you have a free place to stay. Friends are still contacts, contacts are great for seeing things you may not thought of and saving cash.
  9. The world is round. You may have reunited, and you may have to leave again to continue with your own journey, but you know you’ll see them again. The last words are never goodbye really, its more like Hasta Luego.

2 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why Reunions From Travelling Are Awesome

  1. I love this! I’m still really good friends with someone who I met in Thailand, we meet up regularly. Also, I became friends with a beautiful group of people in Nicaragua; my travelling buddy and I are heading to Amsterdam in a few weeks to see them; I honestly cannot wait!

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