Date a girl who travels? 23 Things That Compare A Girl That Travels


  1. One who is taking the photos of her experiences, not herself
  2. One who isn’t really bothered about good clothes when she’s on the road, nor thinking about them either.
  3. Is happy to look natural and get on with it, than worry about how she looks for her next party.
  4. Confined to her own group and not really deciding anything individually.
  5. Treating her travels more like a vacation with luxury than a different kind of travelling experience.
  6. Doesn’t just drink and party all the time.
  7. Wants a challenge and to learn rather than choosing the easy option.
  8. Meets new people based on their souls rather than how she categorises them back in society.
  9. Enjoys adventure and culture rather than just beach sleeping and cocktails.
  10. Has her own mind rather than follow others.
  11. Eats at the market more than eating pizza and ice cream
  12. Treats locals equally rather than looking down on them deceitfully.
  13. Would try and budget instead of raiding daddy’s wallet.
  14. Respect new music rather than worry about missing out on a new mix back home.
  15. Would rather chat than use WiFi to boast about it.
  16. Sleeps in dorms rather than private rooms
  17. A road trip with beer rather than a yacht with champers
  18. Attempt to surf rather than lie on the sand posing
  19. Respect cultures by dress code rather than hot pants in churches
  20. Read rather than TV
  21. Blend with the world rather than pink and bright colours and pearl
  22. Man up instead of screaming and making a scene
  23. Travelling hard and rewarding than easy and boring.

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