14 Reasons Why Hospitality Is A Backpackers Profession In Melbourne


  1. There are 110 different ethnic backgrounds in Melbourne alone, never mind the thousands of different nations entering on student and working visas a year, you are working with people who are in similar situations as you, wanting to travel and see something different. You are working with the world.
  2. Melbourne is more casual, relaxed, working together in hospitality isn’t as stressful as it is in Europe or the States.
  3. You don’t have to rely solely on tips, per hour is generally better than most places including London, UK.
  4. The cocktails in Melbourne are just quirky and awesome. Everyone likes a drink
  5. After a shift, everyone gets together like a family and gets wasted. Its great to hang out and so much fun, everyone’s in it together.
  6. A early morning shift is always a killer after too many tequilas only a few hours before, but everyone’s feeling the same, so it feels like its part of the job, it feels right, no guilt or worry here.
  7. The best thing about Melbourne is its bars and restaurants, you are working amongst them. Better than working in a office like you may have back home.
  8. Its easy to find work quickly. You get opportunities in Melbourne and you’ll always know someone who can get you a job. Savings can start early for your next trip.
  9. Everyone seems to hook up with everyone. Its like backpacking, there is a sense of care free and having fun attitude.
  10. There’s always a trip or plan in the pipeline. You will always get an invite to a trip down Great Ocean Road or a weekend away to Byron Bay. You can travel together.
  11. You’ll actually get really good experience working in one of the best cities in the world, allowing you to be a superstar in future jobs. Whether your waiting tables in Rio, doing a J1 Visa in the USA or going to Europe, you will have learnt the job to take away with you and you’ll find this useful on your next ‘working to save’ venture.
  12. You’ll learn some new words in different languages. Whether its improving your English, learning some Italian, you’ll pick it up and that’s always useful.
  13. Food! That backpacking trip may have been limited to rice and noodles. Generally you’ll get fed by your employer, and Melbourne has some of the most variety and incredible food in the world to date. You’ll try other foods too.
  14. The people in hospitality in Melbourne, backpackers especially, are generally happy. There is a sense of ‘means to an end’. You aren’t there forever, so no commitment is present. You are there to work, have fun, make cash, drink alcohol and move on to your next amazing trip.


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