21 Things About My Time In Vietnam


Stayed at one of the best hostels in SE Asia. Hanoi Backpackers. The new one. Great vibe, great people, food and activities. A good location, comfy air conned beds. Wish I’d stayed longer. Hanoi, North Vietnam.

Loved Hanoi! What a beautifully crafted Asian, European like city. Full of hidden shops and alleyways, combined with traditional Vietnamese culture. Great food, intricate detailed architecture buildings and a great living vibe. Certainly somewhere to visit again.

Bought some awesome converse trainers which signified how good Vietnamese clothing and materials are. These badboys lasted me until my last day in Asia.



Drank Snake Blood at a snake village. One for the bucket list ticked off.



Halong Bay! Craziness of Halong Bay! Booze cruising, tubing, boat jumping, seafood eating and the rest of crazy antics! Castaway tour is what I went on, 200 USD is the cost for 3 day trip.



Qui Chi Tunnels in Hue. These hidden tunnels that were to be used for safety in the Vietnam war with USA, these tunnels are very small and claustrophobic. A real inside look of how life was for the Vietnamese during the time. Incredibly real.



Wave dived on Hoi An Beach. Not bad regular waves in Hoi An. Not enough to surf but was a fun little couple of hours. Peaceful.

Vietnamese Trains. Me and my friend Doug squashed into a 6 bed room that would be the size of a bathroom in the UK. Coupled by the national Vietnamese anthems being bellowed out at 6am. An experience and part of travelling.

Halloween in Nha Trang. Staying at Red Apple (Nha Trang Backpackers) , it was pretty awesome dressing up and getting face painted. The local Vietnamese didn’t know what it was about as they were constantly taking photos and looked bemused. One of the best Halloweens for me!

VinPearl Amusement and Water Park, Nha Trang! So much fun acting like a 10 year old again and into some wild water slides.


Nha Trang Cable Car to cross the river. Beautiful view of the ever increasing Nha Trang both in population and wealth.

Skinned Tipped in Nha Trang Beach. Enough said.

Booze cruised in Nha Trang probably some of the messiest times ever. Ladyboys dancing, Nations singing, Whisky bottles downing. The English kind of took over. Typical haha.

Yoga in Mui Nhe. Taught by a Russian teacher who was very strict to 5 bunch of backpackers. It was quite intense but very enjoyable and a first time for some of us.

Quad Biked Sand Dunes. I felt like Nathan Drake from Uncharted 3 (PS3 Console Game). The Sand dunes were incredible. Smooth and eery like. 20 Minutes on a Quad was fun as you can imagine!



Sunset at Red Sand Dunes, Mui Nhe. A group of us from UK, Holland, Ireland, Australia watched one of the best sunsets slide down over the Red Sand Dunes. Picturesque.

Ate Crocodile for the first time. Crocodile was on a spit on Mui Nhe, I had to try it. Tasted like chicken really. Quite hungry for this again.


Ate Pho in Saigon every day. Added chilli sauce. Absolutely love this traditional dish. Perfect for hangovers.

War Museum, Saigon. Very distressing. Some of the affects the atomic bombs had on the births and people with their deformities actually made me dizzy. Not for the fainthearted.

Vietnamese barracks and transport vehicles. Everything from Gun chambers to Helicopters, real used Vietnamese warfare artillery.

Flew with Mekong Airways to Phu Quoc Island. I needed a break on my own. Ate seafood by the beach, read, hot stone massages and hammock chilling. The flight was the shortest flight ever too and great looking down at this tiny island.




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