8 Movies That Actually Make You Believe in Love

People, who know me, know me as a person who believes in no limits. Anything is possible. I believe you deal with how you are there and then. What I mean is, if you are in a place or society, a trip or a place in your life, you don’t look back on what you did, what you were like, you deal with the present. If you’re a lonewolf by choice, or a committed family man, you live in the present. The mind is a construction of the past and the present is where the heart is.

I’m a secret and brave romantic. I say things how I feel, what are meant to be said and what should be said. Brutally honest at times. Yet love, for me, has fell in many different ways. I’ve been in relationships for the longevity, the security, and for what they were, knowing they weren’t going to marriage or anything. Yet, been swiftly and trickly in love at such a pace its left me reeling each time.

I love movies, and of course, movies are for the audience. I love a romantic theme in a movie, coupled with the other events surrounding that. Whether its historically true or in a fantasy land, the art of love still shines through and for that, its what makes me think more of what is love and how you want it.

This isn’t a critical review; these are 8 movies which make the art of love become a little bit more fashionable again:


Titanic. Probably thought by many. The wealthy lady and the poor man, from UK and USA fall in love on a doomed ship. A true story on the fate of the Titanic, it has a wonderfully pieced script which involve a love that was so pure but barely started, it’s inevitable end going down with the Titanic. I went to see its re-release in 2012 marking 100 years since the Titanic sank, its anniversary, I have to admit I shared a tear with a previous partner.

Winter’s Tale. In a way, this was actually slightly similar to Titanic. Someone looking back on the past, with one of two perishing. Set in a fairytale land, with the magical influence a snowy scenery can have and what brings an almost cosy togetherness, this movie was fairly simple but complicated, but at the end, you have a sense of impossible love you want to feel but realise only a few do in real life.

Miami Vice. You are probably thinking, what? But the love story that involves Sonny and Isabella is an intriguing one. From different backgrounds, intrigued in each other’s lives and using each other as a form of escape briefly from their own. They realise their love is too good to last, which they both knew deep down, and something they end up parting ways as it’s the best thing to do given the circumstances.

Pompeii. This love wasn’t consummated, and almost a love that comes across as ‘nearly there’. Milo and Cassia are always interested, but never really get going.  He is a slave she is from the rich. They give up their escape from Pompeii’s Mount Vesuvius, by embracing and kissing, which locks them eternally due to the flamed dust that covers Pompeii.

Public Enemies. Another movie based on historical events. Dillinger and Billie fall in love only to be distanced from each other from the law. Dillinger dies whilst Billie is in jail. The movie adds an extra fictional part of his last words, which make it romantically sad at the end. If anyone’s last words could be, I’m sure they would be towards a loved one. Bye bye blackbird.

Blood Diamond. Although not madly in love, love will have probably happened for Archer and Maddie. Their jobs are the priority on a dangerous route in Sierra Leone Africa, Archers last phone call being to her. A hero and brave guy, he does the right thing but one will ever wonder what have could been for a diamond smuggler and a journalist.

Great Gatsby. A love wanted for so long, made at first but again years of separation. All the glamour, the fame, the money was for Daisy, yet she was too flakey to realise this. He waits for her call, and when the phone rings, he thinks its her. His last thought was this, as a disgruntled but mistaken enemy comes and kills him. Morale of this, dying with the belief you are loved, is a nice but tragic touch.

The Beach. Richard and Francois, backpackers. USA and France. Find themselves in backpacker love after the world of travelling takes over. Even though it ends as one cheats on the other (which happens ALOT travelling), they have a sense of love from different parts of the world. Loving and living for what it was, in the moment, reflecting on that. One of the perks of travelling but also one of the weaknesses of travelling too. Its happened to me, twice. 




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