Contrasting Worlds


The connection breaks, he wanders on,

She strives for company,  whether right or wrong,

Goodbyes are not new, to his mind and life,

Her individual soul, is the sacrifice.


Each to their own, from different worlds,

Surrounded by walls of regret, the bubble is hurled.

Their time is eternal, trapped in space,

Their lives go on, at a tremendous race.


Whispers creep in, clouding the minds,

They are both disconnected, broken lines.

He keeps on the focus to travel some more,

She weeps and weakens, opening the next door.


They speak again, keeping pride and mist,

Their matching memories, wrapped around their wrists.

Glaring each other, deep in their both brown eyes,

Wondering if time again, will make their love arise.


He worries for her, the decisions she makes,

Wondering if the gloom of regret will seal her fate.

She thinks of him and believes he is now not ready,

To satisfy her ambition of a world with settlement and steady.


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