15 Things That Can Make You A Flashpacker


This isn’t a judgmental article, it’s merely pointing out some of the things I’ve collated over 2 years of travelling that most other travellers seem to agree. As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters. Yet, if you are wondering, what is a flashpacker, what you need to do to be one, or maybe you what flashpacking tendencies you may have, then here is 15 things which can. I’m pretty sure we are all guilty of at least one during our time on the road, hopefully not too many though!


  1. You have a suitcase instead of a backpack. This isn’t a stand still lie on the beach holiday in Mallorca, Hawaii or Bali.
  2. You’re wearing designer gear when travelling. Okay, this may be the case at the start, but looking gleaming clean in some clothes which you’d wear on a night out, errmm, no thanks mate, you look out of place.
  3. You insist on flying everywhere in one continent. The rare or odd occasion yeah I understand, but backpackers take the cheaper and longer route, plus it’s more of an adventure or experience. Flying to places all the time is too easy. Get on that 23 hour train, now.
  4. Too much luxury, two quickly. If every one to two weeks you treating yourself to expensive amounts of luxury to get over a few days travelling, come on, where’s the fun in that? Similar scenario as a working week and weekends off. Nope.
  5. You spend more than 1,000 GBP in 3-4 weeks in somewhere like SE Asia. Its cheap, you spend more than that, you’re getting things too easy! Excludes avid divers or activities or any passions though.
  6. You take taxi’s EVERYWHERE. Enough said.
  7. You eat too much western food. Get a grip man, you’ve had that sh!t before. Its expensive and doesn’t taste the same anyway.
  8. This may be hard to see, but it happens, only going somewhere for the sake of the photos you can take. Showing off on Facebook with photos to add to your own ego is flashpacking. Do it because you want to.
  9. You have no care of the local culture or what is different there; you just want cheap drinks and beaches. We like both of these sure, but only for this reason? You ain’t in it for what it is.
  10. You’ve got more than 5 bit of high tech electrical equipment with you. This may be a bit harsh limiting it to 5, as the modern age we are in, but if it’s more than your phone, laptop, camera, go-pro or IPad its a bit fancy don’t you think?
  11. You are part of a inner group which barely socialises with other travellers. You aren’t backpacking, you’re on holiday pal. Meet new people too.
  12. You don’t hang with anyone but from your home country. Why are you travelling again?
  13. You’re fussy with what drink you want to buy in a really cheap country. Serious? Go for Sangsom! Its 6 Euros a Litre! Done!
  14. Movie time at hostels is becoming something of a regular occurrence. instead of doing something new. Its comfortable. Flashpacking is comfortable.
  15. Not getting use to the bum gun. Bum gun is a great invention and a short cut too! Screw toilet roll.

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