8 Things About Travel Goodbyes


  1. Firstly, they can suck. You have that empty feeling in your stomach, feeling lost and reminiscent. You spent happy times together, all be it a short time and you want to be in that moment again.
  2. They suck, but you do kind of get use to them. You say that many, you become more tolerant with it. You meet that many people you become immune to it.
  3. It maybe goodbye in person, but Social Networking keeps you at arms reach. Check Facebook, Instagram, Skype call, you can always keep in touch.
  4. Some ‘goodbyes’ you won’t even realise until its happened. You may have a quick change of plans and boom, you are gone. Your moving too quickly for your mind to keep up. Sometimes it better this way.
  5. You know you’ll see them again. If they are travellers you know that there will be a time when you bump into each other again. Small world, trust me.
  6. Your last night together has resulted in a huge celebratory party. It makes the parting ways a little bit more emotional.
  7. You know you can stay for free in their country or city when you visit.
  8. Its never really goodbye is it? Its see you later.

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