17 Things That May Make The Bangkok Naysayers Think Again.

I love Bangkok. Actually love the place. Its a perfect mix of culture and city life. Somewhere which isn’t all too big buildings and boring, but full of life, culture and colours. For me, apart from international sport events, Bangkok has everything.

Bangkok, you either love it or hate it. Well, that’s the whispers you get from backpackers anyway. Many don’t give it a chance due to the now ever known and busy Khao San Road, the heavily populated roads, the constant haggling and the tower blocks. Everyone is different, but if you want a bit of culture in your life, you don’t mind a city, Bangkok goes no further in my mind.

After all it has been voted the best city in the world 4 years running.

Great food. Pad Thai on street corners, incredibly fancy restaurants or its local delights at Seven Eleven, you’ll love this food capital.


Tuk Tuks, great little experience to travel around in. Better than Taxis for the experience.


Best massages to date. From hot stone to full body, massage parlours are everywhere.

There is always something on in Bangkok. Whether its a huge concert, an opening of a nightclub or new movie is being shot on location, Bangkok is huge and always has its use.

Forget how busy it is, Bangkok is full of life. Thai people are humble people in the majority, they are helpful and interested. Just be polite and suck in the experience. Better than walking down your quiet deserted hometown on a Wednesday evening with everyone rushing home to watch TV.

Incredible skyscrapers and rooftop bars. Some of the best skyscrapers in the world lie in Bangkok, try getting up to the top floor on a night and viewing the lights of the city. Incredible.


The cultural input makes this city a little different. Its the Thai capital. Buddhism culture. Unique markets. It’s different from the blue shirt wearing yuppies from Sydney or London. It has skyscrapers and backpackers all mixed into one.

Health and Transport. The hospitals are some of the best in the world. Clean, efficient and very reliable. Transport ranges from fast train services running around the city, to easy to grab taxi’s, you’ll never not be able to get around.

How anything is possible. You can haggle for a price or change a booking, there seems to be more leeway in Bangkok and the attitude is almost like ‘there is always another way’.

It is the gates and centre point of SE Asia. Flying into Bangkok and from Bangkok is used regularly. International or internally in Asia its the best place to navigate from.

Khao San Road, despite any negativity towards this, just stop and think a second. Khao San Road is the epitome of what is new to you in your SE Asia travels. Cheap Pad Thai, local performers, budget clothes, bars and general Thai craziness. It opens your eyes and prepares you for the wonders and challenges ahead. Again, suck it up, have a beer, eat some noodles and enjoy. LIFE.


You can find work here. Whether you are passing through, teaching, working for a travel agent or even involved into some acting, it’s possible to in Bangkok.

Thai girls are beautiful and so elegant. I’m not talking about Soi Cowboy or any of that trash, I’m talking about the not for sale women. Wondering around Bangkok you find some stunners where you just think they are impossibly beautiful. Not many places in the world like that!

Street Markets. Whether its sticky rice and chicken or you are buying some Dre Beats, there is always something to buy at the markets full of both Thai and western cultures. Just being in the market and hearing the heckling in Thai is an experience in itself.


Wonderful temples. Top of the range and clean temples for you to see, take photos and take in. My first trip to Bangkok seen me witness some Buddhist monks singing traditional Buddhist hymns. Breathtaking.

Buddhism religion. I’m a liker of Buddhist culture myself, practiced by my late father and its such a humbling way of living. Surround yourself in this whether its Buddhist ornaments from corner shop all around you or peaceful smaller temples you certainly can indulge yourself in its purity.


You know you are in Bangkok when you either backpacking or vacation. Its somewhere new, or different from you are from, enjoy it. Have the mentality of if it’s new, you like it. There is not many places in the world I don’t like, and that’s because I’m open to new places and like them for what they are. Forget comparisons, you are somewhere in the world other than home, embrace it!



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