A difference in, difference in travel

A difference in time, a difference in travel.

Holiday Blues I’m sat here or should I say lied here back in the ‘real’ world, 5 weeks into my Australia experience, notably Melbourne. This is short but my Asia blues have hit recently over the last few days. I miss the freedom, the culture, the craziness, the shorts, flip flops, that buzz to be somewhere and all you worry about is the people and your next beer. It doesn’t help me watching ‘The Beach’. My god this movies gets me going. It makes me feel I haven’t been to Thailand The way its perceived. Even the full moon party which I’ve seen  and been too 5 times, looks more original here. I want that. I want that first feeling of meeting people. I almost want my previous memories gone, so I have NO expectations, and everything’s new again. I miss the Chang, the Tiger,  the Seven Eleven, the Thai people, the Tom Yam Soup, the Tuk-Tuks, Pad Thai, the warmth, humidly, the feel! Seriously wondering what I’m doing here. 5 weeks in and I’m still not settled. I always give things a chance bt seriously thinking of going back to Thailand. I want that culture again. I guess nothing is the same but I need that back In my life. I miss the people I’ve already met. Bangkok numerous times, Pai, the Islands. I’m alone in my dorm right now with certain things in my life forever not the same. I just want that life back. So badly. I’m really considering to go back. I miss the people I’ve met in Thailand, and most of them if not all of them, won’t be there. But if there’s a chance I can meet more people, which I will, well that would be a great substitute. I just want Thailand. I want freedom.

(July 2013)


12 months on…(July 2014)

I’ve completed a year in Australia after getting over my initial Thailand and Asia blues. But even after an eventful, and very much ‘back to reality’ year in Australia, I found a love for a place. A place I could settle once this backpacking experience comes to an end.

Right now, I’m on a very choppy boat, in the North East of Brazil, travelling from the city of Salvador to Morro De Sao Paulo. I’m doing it again. Looking back and reminiscing. I’ve been in Brazil for 6 weeks out of my 7 month South America trip. I’ve read the comments I wrote above. I have to admit. I don’t think I can EVER get over those 9 months in Asia. Seemingly expecting the initial stages of my South American trip to be similar, foolishly I thought that, well it hasn’t been. Not to say it hasn’t been great, however from what my thoughts are right now, I think SE Asia is really like no other. I miss them times because of what it was for me AT the time. You know? Everything was new, EVERYTHING. It’s been 2 years pretty much since I’ve left the UK. I’ve matured I guess as a traveller, so maybe my insight to new places isn’t as naively wonderful as it should be. But Asia, Thailand, I do miss you. The times will never be the same, despite how many times I re-visit you.

I think, we get that feeling, only ever once. The initial backpacking feel. The original one. I feel free now, I did then, I did in Australia. But THAT feel, of complete exposure to the wonders of worlds you had no idea about. My uncle spoke to me online, explaining how, on the eve of my travels, back in 2012, how he KNEW what I was about to succumb to, what life I was going to feel, what energy I would have and he said, you can never really get that back. I guess so, from what I’ve experience so far from Asia.

But you know what? I’ll keep on trying to find something of a similar euphoric feeling. I might be feeling something like it right now, just not knowing because I’m comparing. I’ve came along way from that initial paragraph on Holiday Blues.

Still going, still exploring…


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