Old Man, Young Woman, Western and Asia.

The Older Western to the Younger Asian


Fake. That’s the first word that comes to mind. And its so unfortunate to think that. But its out of desperation from both sides this happens. Is it for love? Its for lack of embarrassment, its for ego, its for material wealth, its for the pictures. How an older man, who you can probably tell hasn’t put up with the standards of being in a relationship, nor has the qualities to sustain one, chooses the easy option. Let’s pick up a women in Asia! Why? Money and security.

Next time man, you are thinking you’re in love with your at least 10 years younger, humble, loving, wanting a fair life, female from Asia, REALISE, if you were Asian, lets say Thai, Filipino or Malaysian, would she be with you? Pardon my English-French, FUCK NO. Why is she with you? Because of the cash. Not because of you. Of your interests.  I bet you can do what you want can’t you? She will do what you want? She won’t be fazed if you come in 12 beers down abusive, or even sluggish and non-abusive, whether you go away unknowingly, or you go here, or eat there, or buy this, or whatever, she won’t be fused. WHY mate? Because she’s in it for the security. I promise you man, not you. We males, have generally all got at least half a toe still in the cave, meaning we still have the natural conscience or ability to feel we need to be the provider. But, in these situations, ‘finding’ a wife, in the trashy shores of Pattaya or Angeles of Thailand and Philippine respectively, you haven’t found love, not found someone who likes you, you have found someone who wants content. Who wants a calm life with your money! Ding Dong mate, you are getting mugged off. And it doesn’t matter how many blowjobs she gives you, unless its pure, unless you have met and really find that connection ( and don’t kid me with the bullshit, I want my wife to be with me, we ‘really go on from the start’, of COURSE YOU FUCKING DID!!) its not hard to speak to someone who speaks English from another nation. They’re interested. You tell them about how much money you’ve earnt, your pension; they won’t give a fuck about your Sports and Soccer stripy top with your ugly sandals and big toe popping out. You think girls like this? You think yours does? Not AT ALL man, wake up!!

Such a shame, that Asian girls demote themselves to this. But being trained to want this kind of life, I guess its second nature. It’s almost like they are deluded as an English guy who has always been a bit of a chav runt, growing his hair to think he’s ‘indie’ and eat haloumi cheese to be ‘cultural’. It’s something they are naturally not. Get a grip mate, you’re the one deluded.

As you can tell, with this age old connection beautiful Asian girls unfortunately have with bogan, beer guzzling, tracksuit wearing, old, non attractive men, it’s almost a cry from when the UK took over or colonised places like Africa and Asia. UK men, thinking they own these kind of women because they are further on in superiority in wealth and knowledge. To me, its a form of fuckin’ slavery. I despise it. Its disgusting. They know it too. They just get away with it being in places where this sort of activity is turned a blind eye on.

I was naively walking down Angeles in the Philippines, not knowing anything about the place( I flew because its the cheapest way to fly via Bangkok as a backpacker), I seen this 70-80 year old skinny man, with socks up to his hips, walking down this long road of obscene prostitution, skipping as if it was the 40’s and he had just proposed. Four Filipino’s, shouting at him. Heckling. They just want the cash. Its sad. But they know, they are shouting and laughing at him. They know he likes the attention. They aren’t dumb. They know any little flutter of the eyelashes, turn of the body will make the guy get a bigger erection than his body can manage. I walk past him, smirking at embarrassment to myself and him. And look at the old git, dead in the eye, his smile turns to realisation, his cheeks turn sunburnt red, and for that moment he realises, again, he is not meant to be there.

This maybe a damning assessment of what happens right now. Unfortunately this sort of shit is going to get worse before it gets better. Western guys just want the control. Western women put up a better fight. That’s it.

But the point is, Asian women, Latin Women, African women, are beautiful. Beautiful for their curiosity, their love, their culture, for their heart. If you really want their soul to be aligned with yours, then do it the natural way. There is no proper way. We are human beings. Things can take a minute or a mile. Don’t just turn up and pick what candy you want. And I fucking know, most of the relationships you see, with a white elder man and a ‘younger’ foreign woman, mostly likely Asian right now, are absolute bullshit. You may say where is your evidence, I say, where is your fucking sense. Its completely obvious.

To the few who have found true attraction and love, despite different nationalitys, culture, race etc, no offence was intended for you in this article. I understand sometimes this isn’t the case, but from what I’ve seen, alot of cases is.


One thought on “Old Man, Young Woman, Western and Asia.

  1. Well, to be fair I met one couple (Filipino girl and an older man from Australia or NZ, I think, he had long grey hair and all his body tattooed;) they even have a child now!), and for me, whatever was going on between them, it felt real!
    Do u know why? They were having endless conversation! They were laughing and talking all the time (and they were for quite some time together at that moment)!
    From my personal experience it doesn’t only apply to old westerner+young Asian girl kind of couples, any couple at all!!! Can’t have a conversation, what else will be your connection? Sex? That won’t last for long, won’t keep you together, won’t keep you interested in your partner for life time;)
    I see a lot of that couples, in some of them western guys are not old at all, they even have 2-3 kids, but they never ever talk!!! And i feel so so so sad for them….

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