10 Words or Phrases I Picked Up Backpacking

10 Words Or Phrases I Picked up Backpacking

It can be easy to pick different words when away from you’re home place. Whether it’s for work or addressing people so they understand your accent, it’s common for travelers.

Asia, Australia and currently South America, here are my top 10.

  1. “For Sure’ – Is more towards an American and Canadian word, but I picked this up quickly and by far wasn’t the only one. I hear English travelers say it all the time, and its definitely not something we’d originally say back on our island.
  1. “Mom’ – Okay this might be just me, but Mam got fizzled out for a time and still Mom creeps in. Having a best friend from California and several friends from Canada, they had an influence on me.
  1. “How you going?” I got to say, its cool and attractive when Aussie women say this. But men say it too. Living there for a year, was definitely going to pick this one up.
  1. Saying ‘Man’ rather than “mate” – I was glad this one occurred. Although the use of ‘man’ is used in Ireland alot, and used different in America like ‘Maaann’, I used this to delete the frequent use of “mate”. Why? Because in England, “mate” is used too much, and is a sometimes a word to almost credit someone, or to show someone your not offended. I think as a Englishman, we are an apologetic nation. I didn’t want to say “mate” to everyone I seeked comfort with, and only use it to my actual mates now.
  1. “Huh?” – Questioning something like this, is more universal and quick. I found it amusing and funny to use. Everyone knows what Huh is referring too. Becoming more worldly.
  1. “Si” When speaking English, Spanish or Portuguese. A new one, but if I’m acknowledging someone I always begin with Si now. I didn’t realize I was saying it until a week or two ago. I guess that’s good for indulging yourself in the Latin language!
  1. I now say ‘F A C K’ instead of ‘ F U C K’. This came to me a while ago. I say and occasionally swear like this like I’m from London, UK. It’s ingrained now. A best friend from home realized this when I visited him on a visit in Autumn/Fall last year. Not something I’m putting on.
  1. I tend to speak slower when addressing people other than Brits. And even more of an Aussie/ American accent. I had a very strong and quick accent coming from Teesside, North East England. I worked on changing it slightly, as travelers and workers in Asia and Australia, didn’t understand me. My jobs in Australia were speaking and communication jobs, so some of it was essential. So don’t be surprised when your speaking to me, or i’m speaking to a group and I there’s a few different twangs in there.
  1. Saying “Right?” at the end of a question or sentence . I got this from my Canadian friends. It happens alot in text and messaging services also. Its something which alot of us pick up I’ve gathered.
  2. Using the word ‘Party’ for going out, drinking sessions or nightclubbing. It was first introduced to me in Asia amongst some other Europeans. It’s universal, it works for everyone, and when people say party, they mean drink. Party is not just a invitation only event or a house warming, its a term used to going out and getting drunk.

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