9 Places I Doubt I’ll Return To Travel

I mean, as time goes on, its a healer right? Memories stay but some details diminish. As of July 31st 2014, I feel this way. The reasons why? Well there are good and bad.


  1. Pai, Thailand. This place, for me, at that time, like I’ve previously wrote about, was special for several reasons. A good group formed, like in most hostels do, from all over the world. For me, it meant more than that. I felt away from the hustle bustle of Thailand and its cities and beaches. I had been told Pai wasn’t a huge tourist destination, it was for real backpackers and hippy like, which coming from parents who were brought me up to a degree on that kind of social life, I was hugely intrigued. We had 5 days of togethness at Spicy Pai, just been backpackers, all happy and living as you do. To top it off, whilst I was there, my feelings took to my dreams, and I dreamt that one day I came back to Spicy, to an empty lounge room with no-one in hammocks and just me there. The feeling was a detached one, and something I didn’t want to do. Nor spoil the memory of this time.



  1. Luang Prebang, Laos. Going on from Pai, alot of us went to Luang Prebang. It’s a cool little place, with Utopia being one of my favourite spots. I felt alot of Love here from the travellers around us, some more than others. I just feel that was my time there, with them people and thats what I want to remember.



  1. Morro De Sao Paulo, Brazil. I had a great few days on Morro recently. Some of the best in Brazil to date. However, I can’t see myself coming back here backpacking first of all, because there is more in Brazil i still haven’t seen. A vacation is a bit too out the way for a British traveller, unless I lived close by, which right now is doubtful. I had fun, with the people I was with, in the hostel Che Lagarto. It was fun. And that was that.



  1. Koh Phangan, Thailand. Believe it or not for the ones who know me. I’ve visited this place 7 times including 5 full moon parties. To be honest, 4 of them times were just part of going with other travellers, there was only 1 planned Full Moon. I’ve had majority some awesome times here and sombering too. My last time was in April 2013, and I remember being on the boat looking back on the island, and honestly saing ‘my time is done here’. And no-one would disagree I don’t think given the times I’ve been there for.



  1. Langkawi, Malaysia. I never really got in touch with this island. It was sizzling hot, but the beach was a bit bland and the area wasn’t interesting enough for me. I got bored quickly. Maybe one day I’ll pass by it and visit, but right now, I highly doubt that, given there is much more to Malaysia for my eyes right now.


  1. Delhi, India. Was beautifully crazy for an experience but very annoying and too many people even for India. Wasnt authentic India like Rajakstan and I feel no need to return here. Although. You have to visit if you are going to India. Even if it is just the one time.



  1. Vientienna, Laos. A French like city, capital of Laos and apparently a mini Paris. This place is cute and is worth checking out the Buddha park there, very picturesque. However, little else to do, and pretty much just a passing through place.



  1. Phonh Penm, Cambodia. It’s history of the Khymer Regime is truly eye opening and sombering. This took me back even for someone who has studied History. It was very emotional, and the scars still show in Cambodias capital. Something which I said my peace on, and will leave it as the interesting experience I had their to rest.



  1. Pattaya, Thailand. The sex tourism is awful, a offence to the Thai’s and disgusting from the customers. It hasn’t got alot to offer here. My only time there lasted 12 hours, I left as soon as I realised its activity.



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