How quickly we can be at opposite ends of the world.

Has it ever occurred to you, how strange it is, as a human being to think, how quickly we can be at opposite ends of the world?

I mean, down to air travel is the main reason of course. That’s the logic, the facts. However, next time you are waiting at the airport with someone, or you are at the hostel with a group of travel friends, all destined for new destinations in the world. Whether, some are going home, working in a new country, backpacking a new part of the country you are in, its crazy to think, within a matter of hours, we are so far away from each other. The separation is incredible. To think, we spent moments together, traveled and seen the world together, been happy together, only for our own independence, targets and own pursuits in life to take us away from each other. We naturally think, from being children and raised by families, that having such connections, things in common, we would naturally have to be placed in the same part of the world, right? I mean, that’s what we are taught and brought up on. Yet, what travelling brings, is a whole new outlook and widened approach to that. We can have these connections, with anyone, with any nation, we are not exempt from language or culture. We can share the same adventures in life.

So next time, you are boarding a flight, leaving a country, moving on, from the people you have been with, and are doing the same, draw some arrows, to yours and their destination, from where you met, or originated from at that time. It’s interesting just for a moment to look at it, and think, wow, we are really that far away from each other now. It could be love, it could be a connection, it could be a happy moment in time, or even a short few words, but its an example of how this world is now, how interconnected we are. We are on the way, to being one world. No matter where we are from.





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