The things you do when you travel that you enjoy but you don’t notice.

Automatic things that happen when we travel that we love, but we don’t notice. Here are a few I thought of from the experience of my travels.


Booking a flight whilst on the road. It may sometimes be a pain to find the right one and plan your eventual route there, but that feeling of when your Confirmation email comes through is underestimated. It’s more relief but really its a combination of your enjoyment which you are used to and the feeling of going on a new adventure.


Boarding a bus to a new destination. It may be 20 hours long, but really, it’s not as though you are driving the damn thing is it? You are sat there and you can sleep, read a book, eat snacks or even have the luxury of using your laptop or WIFI. It’s easy really. And it’s exciting. Your going somewhere new!


Your ability to pass down advice to new travellers. We all enjoy telling our own tales, especially to other travellers who ‘speak our language’. I mean, who listens to your stories in details when your back home? No-one really. So passing useful information on to your fellow backpackers incorporated with a tale or two of your own. We love it.


Take your maximum amount of money out of the ATM in whatever currency to that country. It’s a good feeling to be able to take all that money out and spend it on you and your experience. Rather than owing it to someone or paying the bills. At the time, when your withdrawing, your probably more concerned at others around you, peeping to see the amount or locals potentially wanting to rob you. However, taking money out for you, knowing you have it, we all enjoy that right?


Adding that new travel friend on Facebook. If they meant something to you, and you travelled with them a bit, or even if they are from a country you will be visiting in the future, we underestimated that feeling of someone accepting or adding you as a friend. We now have a friend for life, and a place to stay somewhere else in the world.


Taking photos. It can be a bit of a automatic thing to do, especially when we feel the need we are in somewhere we are told is ‘a major attraction’. At the time, we are happy snappy. But when we look back later, we realise wow, I enjoyed taking them photos, because these are the results.


We enjoy being free. Because we are always doing something, whether its a trip, a tour, we still can believe things are planned out for us, like in normal, reality life, working for the weekend so to speak. We are enjoying ourselves, but its only until afterwards, we realise we done that tour, we went out that night, we were free to make our own decisions, because we wanted to. Sometimes in the moment we have too much stuff going on to realise why we are there, how we got there and to appreciate what is happening.





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