10 Kinds of People You Get With Any Travelling Group.

For me, this varies. I’ve been part of many groups backpacking. This relates to Asia right now. I’m sure i’ll be apart of many more groups whilst continuing my backpacking, however as we stand today, 3 days until my South American trip, these are 10 kinds of people you may have within your travelling group. Love it.


  1. The hot girl that everyone wants to get to know more. Whether they are upfront about it or quiet about it, there always is one that you most of the guys like.
  2. At least one English traveller will be apart of your group.
  3. A previously closed eyed American. You’ll have one American who will have been woken up by these travel experiences in terms of what else the world has to offer. The States isn’t just what is out there.
  4. The group lothario or player. Whether its a guy or girl, at least one is always getting laid and open enough to discuss it.
  5. The one who know is going to be a doctor or lawyer or make it big. He is pleasant and cool and really down to earth, but you know this person is going places
  6. The adventurous one. The one who wants to jump of anything or want anything to do with extreme sports. Awesome to see, but tough to keep up with!
  7. Loud mouth Lee. The one who talks the most, tries to organise the most and basically gets the group running.
  8. The traveller. The one who has been away for a while, has the experience and everyone see’s them as the wise one of the group.
  9. The young ‘ un. Always a younger one in the group, you have to take into account sometimes, the one whos carefree but sometimes needs an arm around.
  10. The party one, one who wants to drink and party everynight, wherever they are. Always fun to have one of these kicking about!

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