Reminiscing about something? Live in the now.

Looking back is always better than what it was, or what we are doing right now…

Or is it? Right now, live in the moment, and realise, this is the best time of your life.

Whether you are having dinner with a friend, laughing so much until you cry, eating some good food, waiting for your plane to a new country, spending time with family, on a good streak for picking up new partners or even just have comfort material wealth, we live in a world where the past always is better.

I’m guilty for it, so much. In my case, it’s because travelling is always something I expected really. I was once told, the past is a construction of the mind. And to a degree, this is true. We glorify our past so much that it becomes something of an Achilles heel for us to move on into the future. Always comparing. Whether its the freedom you feel when you are on vacation, that new electric feeling you have in a pending relationship as examples, we always feel we are in competition with our past. I think sometimes, we just have to stop, and think, what we are doing RIGHT now, if that is something we enjoy of course, we will be cursing what we are doing right now by our future selves. We are constantly looking for comfort, happiness, excitement and a bit of the unknown. I realised this a year or two ago. Realising, hang on, where am I? Think of some people you know, who are in dead end jobs, stuck in their own social bubble and really nothing changes for them largely. This does not mean they are worse off, but to have the chance to experience new things and places is a true wonder. We are the fortunate ones to be able to do this. To be able to look back and thing, wow, that was awesome. To think, right now, this is amazing, albeit it taking it for granted because we are in a timeless circle of remembering the past. It’s awesome to think what we have ahead of us, what to plan.

I always make myself with something to look forward too. We should never be bored in this world. With our spare time, we can do anything? Heres some of my interests. Football, Socialising, Yoga, Gym, Playstation, Writing, Movies, History, Food, Vacations, Reading, Driving, Hiking, Learning a new Language. There is SO much we can do. I think of times I had in the past and think, man that was amazing, and it was.

But right here, right now, whether you are in a new destination, lying next to your new loved one, or your planning to travel or you have something planned in the future, never regret things that you have enjoyed or tried in your life, that had no bad circumstances of course. I look back in my life in Melbourne, Stockton On Tees, Travelling Asia. I think I was happy. And of course I miss some times, but life moves on. I’m in Brazil. If some people resent that, just think, what are you doing? I truly appreciate and applaud the people doing good things with their life. In the UK, there can be a mindset of ‘making do’, or an acceptance of struggling through life. I don’t believe we have to live like this. Never resent, always be happy for others I say. Live in the past? Man live, right now.


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