We See Thing’s They Don’t See

We See Thing’s They Do Not See

Let’s face it, if you backpack alot or travel alot, you are consigned to being labelled by people. Perhaps not necessarily all in a bad way, but in a way such as ‘ oh, he’s like that is he’. A real backpacker enthusiast, when travelling will reach a whole different world, speak a whole different spiritual language and grow to a beautiful new level.  Yet, despite the experiences, the rough rides, the amazing sites, the incredible people – all that you have learnt, no-one from the ‘real’ world, really wants to hear it. When I see ‘real’ world, it’s not so much more real than when you are free to travel. It’s a world that you are making means to an end, a more settled world. A world involving working, routine and closure. Living on a farm really.

So when the people who do not understand, nor see the attraction about travelling they are quick to judge. Some will always get jealous, no matter how much they deny this. Criticisms and questions may come your way. ‘Why are you doing that? ‘Isn’t that a bit unstable? ‘  When are you going to get a career? Settle down? He’s changed! All the comments that you’d expect from people stuck in their own lives not wanting or thinking any reason for anything other than the ordinary. The experience travel brings can make people grow up, mature, find themselves and see the world in a different light. These are the people who right now they do the things in life what they are told to do. And expected to do. If that’s what happiness brings them, so be it. Thats good. But the happiness that is brought from being free, that’s a different story. So much more liberating and beyond any initial imagination you may have.

I remember Skyping my family, after a quick but beautiful trip to the north of they  Philippines in 2013, in Banaue . I was trying to explain the beauty of the rice terraces, the freedom of riding on the top of a jeepney, the experience of being in real Filipino territory away from the hustle bustle of the cities, surrounded by real workers, nature and the incredibly addictive scent of Petrichor. There smiles were a roll of eyes kind of one, thinking I was living in a dreamland and almost silently saying ‘Get over your hippie phase’. And my family more than any other I know, are really open minded. Alot of seen the world, into exotic things and rituals, and are generally interested in lots of different things.  So it was a surprise to get such a reaction. But to be honest, it was smiling frustration for me. My wish would be for them especially to see what WE see. For the people who think we are different people, have changed too much, are leaving our roots for pastures new, these people do not understand what you can see, what we can see.. They do not see.

If you can give yourself the right opportunity, the open minded way of living, to accept that everyone is different, to accept, their own world is far older than the one out there that we are in, realise that people have their reasons, their ways, their belongings, their different cultures – that we are all different, but to respect them. To realise the world is a huge book, just waiting to be read.  Travelling is by the far the best ever thing I’ve opened myself up to. It’s allowed me to be who I’ve always liked to be, to see what I’ve never seen, to grow, to learn, to become tougher, to become a better person. Most of all, its freedom we crave. We are always bound to do what society suggests, or what age old religious recommendations have taught us. Yet, we are human beings. There is nothing written in the sky above us, telling us we have to live our life a certain way. Because at the end of it all, are we going to be remembering the numerous, routine days we had, the days we had good night’s sleep, the amount of shit we’ve put up with? They see the way of living a life of routine as the stable way, the right way. I question, is this life? I think the most important of all, is that we have been happy.

Travelling is not unstable; it’s the best thing you can ever do, once you are ready for it. You see and do so much, learn so much and constantly inviting yourself for amazing moments in your life. It’s a drug. It’s addictive. Once you have the travel bug they say, you have it for life. Some come and go, for the one time experience. For others, and now for me, it’s for life.

I recommend, to the ones who haven’t travelled, who question such peoples Morales and thinking to let themselves go in such a carefree way, we are not the ones who are losing out here. We are not f*cked up, we are not insane or running away. We are running towards life. Everyone can see something; make something out with their mind. So next time, sometime questions why you are doing what you are doing and seeing the world, just remember, it’s because they cannot yet see what we can see.

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