11 Awkward Moments You Experience When You Travel

Despite the fact that most of us are care-free, respect each others own wishes and generally accept the things we may not be accustom to nor like because it’s part of the experience, there are things that still bring a tiny bit of akward thinking to the table. Here are my 12:

Walking into a Hostel or accommodation with your bags. People who haven’t got their bags look at you sometimes as if you are foreign(although you technically all are), even if they have just checked in that day.

Hearing the noises of two backpackers hooking up near your bed. I mean, accept it, it’s the way of the travel world, and if you are in a dorm you can have no complaints, but still we naturally try to block out the noises their experience.

When there is someone complaining. Maybe they want all luxury, maybe travelling isn’t what they expected or maybe they have been travelling too long, but no-one wants to hear the complaints of someone. Generally everyone is at a level that they can accept the things maybe one may moan about. It’s good how travellers can automatically switch the conversation or change the subject, I’ve witnessed that alot. It’s almost automatic with some.

When someone is talking too much about what they have done. It’s always always interesting to hear other travellers stories. I mean, take advice and discuss because back in the real world, no-one really listens. However, when you have someone who is constantly explaining how they have done everything, it gets to the point where you are like, man shut up, I’ll see that shit soon!

When you meet the chav traveller who just wants to get drunk and be a nuisance. Let’s face it, continents such as SE Asia, Oceania and South America, parts of them are alot of getting intoxicated. Yet, when you have that someone who is generally okay in spirit wants to get leathered all the time because thats all they do, it sometimes takes the gloss of doing it.

When you get someone else’s laundry. This happened to me alot. I would unpack cities and countries down the track to find I had someone elses T shirts and Shorts. Knowing they are probably doing the same thing. In Asia to this day I cannot remember where all of my clothes went. All i have is the photos of me wearing them!

When you have the obnoxious American traveller. One who doesn’t really understand any other culture or banter, talks louder than necessary and is all about themselves, well it can become really awkward. Not all Americans are like this we know, but fair play for trying.

When someone has came back with a really not well thought of Tattoo. I mean, each to their own, but when someone comes back with a Tattoo that is either super trashy or badly sketched, the ermmms and ahhh’s come out before you secretly lie and say yeah its okay man. Polite way of saying, ‘Not for me’.

Weak Stomach. When your just in that short term phase that anything enters your gut you need the toilet. People wonder why you go off so quickly and come back a little sweatier than normal. Inconvenient but part of it.

When you bump into someone you vaguely remember from a previous destination but have forgot their name. Just hug it out smile and bare it. Remembering everyones name isn’t always easy!

Playing Never Have I Ever. Some home truths come out when playing this usually drinking game. Normally leads to sex and for the girls their secrets are exposed to an extent, but its a little bit daunting for everyone.


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