17 Things In The Philippines

I love the Philippines and everything to do with it. I have visited there twice last year, and have a pending trip there after this Christmas. For me, the Philippines involved many new and wonderful experiences for me, with nothing I’ve done similar. Here are my current picks from my time there and what I did:

Ate Balut in Angeles – Disgusted by the idea and sight, yet surprised at the taste, this local snack consists of an unborn chick fetus inside an egg which you can still taste its developing feathery texture when eating. Nice with salt though.



Visited The Rizal Shrine in Manila. – This was interesting learning about on the Philippines most celebrated past men. Jose Rizal. The museum is well organised, with both his works, a timeline of life amongst other aspects. Well worth understanding and learning about.



Visited Taal Volcano – 3 hours from Manila, you can take the very short hike to the now non-active volcano. My first volcanic experience!


Sinolog Fesitval – This latin like festival goes on for a couple days, with local street parties and music filling the streets of Cebu.



Stayed with local Filipinos through Sinolug – We all partied together, of all ages. We consumed local food and drink and I seen this wonderfully celebrated festival the Filipino way. No other way!



Swam with a Whale Shark – One of my best experiences yet. Caught these Whale Sharks at peak season, entered the freezing cold water at 5am when feeding time. Managed to dive down and get some awesome photos. Beautiful and very big creatures and the one I was next too was small!


Tumalog Waterfall – Easily the best waterfall I’ve visited. Deserted, huge and beautifully naturally intact. Hidden away and not many tourist go here. Non were here when we visited. The bottom waterfall pool consist of of birds floating close to the water surface for fresh fish.



Tarsier Sanctuary Witness the smallest primate in the world. These Golum looking creatures are very sleep and cute. However touching them is forbidden.


Holding my first snake – Huge Python, extremely heavy and luckily I was able to hold it whilst it was at a sleep stage. If this got around my neck it would of been impossible to get it off me.



Drank Red Horse – 40p bottles of beer at a strong percentage certainly went down well with some local food.


Partied in Boracay – This mesmerizing island is actuall beautiful with white sand and clear waters. The area is kept well clean, the restaurants and bars are amazing with freshly caught fish and lobster. One of my favourite places to date.


Cliff jumped at Airels Point, Boracay – My second time at this island, resulted in me going on the Airel point tour. After much hesitation I managed to jump (although awkwardly) down to the sea off a wooden diving-like board. Took my breathe away!


Hiked in Banaue Rice Terraces-  One of my most sought for experiences after seeing pictures of these beauties online, I managed a day hike through and beside the rice terraces. Can be a little narrow and steep at times but the peace and scenery is actually remarkable.


Rode a Jeepney on Top – Rode up hill, on the top from Banaue to Sagada was one of the best never expected free travel experiences yet. The freedom was immense, and the views were especially wonderful.


Cave explored in Sagada – Treching down to the depths of the Caves, overcoming some slippery slopes and in particular some adrenaline like adventure under the caves and into the water which only inches to spare for breath, this was new and amazing experience for me.


Hanging Coffins in Sagada – Visited these eery coffins hanging on cave walls as part of old fashioned rituals. Really unique to see in person. Worth the visit alone I say.

Banaue coffin

Jolibee Burgers – Got addicted to these home-made tasting like burgers. Reminded me of my Dad use to cook them for me, simple and delcisiou!




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