T & T Time

Trinidad & Tobago, I never thought I’d travel here. I didn’t even know where it geographically was until I looked at flying there. The only thing I knew about this small country was of Dwight Yorke. An ex Premiership Footballer. I knew who Brian Lara was, but sadly I didn’t think he was from T & T. You can’t know everything.. Part of the reason I came here was because I was in Guyana, looking to travel to Venezuela. I had heard there were no legal crossings from these two places, and the others were complicated. Old posts and internet forums had stated there was a ferry from Trinidad to Venezuela. So I thought why not? I probably wont come back here again in all honesty.

Caribbean Airlines. The word ‘Caribbean’ gives the sense of relaxtion and comfort. The inside of the flight was decorated with English 1980’s carpet.


A quick 1 hour flight I got into Trinidad. With a fellow travel partner we ended up grabbing a taxi from the airport and heading to ‘ The Avenue’. I had flirted with one of the female cabin crews to find out what there was to do. She was friendly and wanted my details to maybe meet up. So it was a good entry to the country.

Port of Spain, Trinidad. I got to the Avenue area, checked around a couple of Hotels and finally managed to get one. There was no hostels just hotels or guesthouses. I had been exhausted from the night as I had 2 hours sleep from a tremendous last day in Guyana. Travelling to Kaietuer Falls all day and back, plus copus amounts of El Dorado Rum had got me up all night in the humid heat. I ended up sleeping the afternoon in Trinidad and checking out the night. I honestly did feel a little sketchy about Trinidad. A sixth sense if you will, the feeling around the place was a bit weird and deserted, with too many streets without decent lighting. I ended up eating some food in the Old Bar, which was a very European like pub, which served traditional Bangers and Mash. I ordered that and slammed it down my throat, followed by a nice red wine to sooth off into a sleeping mode.

The next day I ate the famous ‘Double’s breakfast street food. Fried bread with chickpeas and pepper salad with sauce was delicious. Guess how much? 4 T & T. Dollars.


Bargain. , planning on going to Tobago the following day, I decided to take a tour of the place. I changed hotels to Caribbean Tourist Villas, recommended by many. A guy called Ray drove us around in his banged up silver Corvette. He was friendly and trustworthy.  The day was quite productive, the weather humid but overcast, any venturing out to long way out islands were out of the question. Two of the biggest tourist attractions were Maracas Bay Beach and Leatherback turtles. Both were more than 2 hours drive away. I had to stick to the inland. The National Museum was interestingly laid out. Every corner to a new chapter of history was created in way which made you feel you were exploring maybe an old temple. The doors were angled to make you feel you have discovered something when getting through, to be enlightened to a new piece of history. It was particularly interesting reading about how life was in the 1900’s, the influence from Great Britain and Europe. How their banks, schools and medical centres looked. All with old mansion-styled European Colony materials. I really enjoyed visiting the place and for a museum it kept me intrigued throughout.


Next was the boardwalk, a in development area surrounded by trees and green, with a port like beach for families to have music and play in the water. It wasn’t tropical, but it didn’t need to be, everyone was happy, and so full of life. It felt really local, and I enjoyed pitting myself in the middle of that.


A viewpoint of the city was surprisingly cute, showing the inner city buildings with a sea backdrop, whilst my view began with hills and favela like communities enriched in petrichlor smelling forestry.


Lastly, the Emperor Valley Zoo was our last call. This Zoo was really good and the animals were very active. From Pythons looking at me licking their lips, to Crocodiles peering out their swamp with their sneaky eyes, to hungry and agitated Tigers marching up and down at visitors, the Zoo had a vast selection of life and creatures here. I came across Flamingos, African Bamboons and a Male Lion, all which I hadn’t came across before. The African Baboons were particularly colourful. Just like on the cartoons and the television. However I got a great picture of a Channell-Billed Toucan.



Tobago was next. Looking for more tropical and island life, Buccoo is where I stayed at Millers Guesthouse. Parked on a empty small beach with fishing boats at the shore, it was a small little area, but was peaceful. I ate some delicious seafood at Millers. Shrimp in a Tequila sauce was the choice.


Followed by chatting with the Jamaican Bar Maid and constantly referring to the sound ‘Beercan’, In all good gestures of course. It sounds like Bacon in their accent and we joked about with that. Then I decided to take a day tour again with a driver. A trip to some of the old English, French and Dutch Fort was the history lessons for the day.


After that Argyle Waterfall was the main activity for the day. I climbed up 4 tiers of waterfall, holding onto a rope, barefoot on the slippy surfaces. The last haul was a make or break deal, with one slip there was nothing to grab hold of. Sheer balance and determination got me up there. Waterfalls are always refreshing and bring that sense of tranquillity to a traveller. We feel at peace and forget about how society is waiting for us. We are back in the earth of the planet, gathering our blissful thoughts. 


I ended the day by visiting the Dwight York Stadium, followed by taking some pictures of both the Atlantic and Caribbean beach side viewpoints.



I chomped down a goat Roti which was delicious.

The last day in Tobago I went Scuba Diving which was a great experience for me.


After that, I ate the famed Bake and Shark  for breakfast. I have to admit, The food in Tobago was the best I’ve had in these parts and areas of the world, and I didn’t eat enough of it!



So all in all, 5 days in T & T was steady. I doubt I’ll go back. If I do it will be to Scuba dive with Dougie or to see the Leatherback Turtles. It’s a cool place to see, and a decent stop off. The people are great, they are Caribbean like friendly, similar to Guyana, speak English and are good to talk to. The weather as you can imagine is hot and humid. The beaches in Tobago were the best I’ve seen to date, better than what I saw in Brazil in a tropical nature. Cost wise, it’s steady, affordable and cheap in places. There is plenty to do in T & T for a short while, getting around is one of the challenges however.

Thank you T & T, you have been a random surprise! 

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