Asian-Western Romance Part 2

I wrote an earlier article, almost like a dear diary piece, about a fraction of the thoughts I have when it comes to the elderly western man and the young Asian girl. In that piece, I had a few beers, but thats what I wanted to be, the truth. My words were somewhat abusive and yet honest, of the shame that old men should feel of almost purchasing younger Asian women, to supplement their own egos, to feel young again, to be the partner on their shoulder, all because of their sI tatus in life, mostly down to material wealth.
I feel very strongly on this. I’m going to follow on that from piece with a more sober and grammatically correct piece on how Asian women still get the brunt end of the stick when it becomes to Western men. Pardon me if you will, but how many times, do you see a beautiful Asian girl with a guy who, from just the obvious really of basic human features, is completely out of his league or furthermore is quite vile? I mean, this is an age old issue everywhere with romance. Yes, I know its not all about looks and appearance. Yes, I know he might be the sweetest guy. And yes, girls like bad guys. HOWEVER, when you see a guy, who’s only option is to date an Asian girl its a different story. You get the sense of he has imposed his way of life to meet his demands and is stubborn with it, knowing if he tried that on a European woman, more compromises would have to be in place. The way they dress, the way they act, you get the feeling that they don’t have the confidence around non-Asian or contrastingly different females. Which for me is a ego thing. It’s a stubbornness not being able to adapt, accept or compromise. Asians, generally SE Asians, are very loving and passionate people. They accept quickly, want a man in their life, not really into the whole playing the field. This from my experience and from what I have observed in vast amounts of Asian culture, this is the majority of the issue. Having someone there is important for them, for their aspirations, and Asians like no other, can learn to love a man ever so quickly, despite maybe being able to do alot better than what is on offer to them. I feel it’s difficult for Asians to say no to Westerners. Us westerners have a more rat race, in your face culture, a more dominant presence around the globe in terms of being resentful of, whether thats due to too much TV, I’m not sure. But Asians do have a lot of admiration for foreigners in Western countries especially in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and other main parts of Europe. Maybe its down to the conquering culture we tend to have? Well the Brits and US anyway. Maybe its down to the more opportunity we have to make more money in comparison? Whatever it is, it sadly attracts the most beautiful women from Asia to the some of the most gastly men. Yes, this is a damning insult and an honest one too. I know of two examples. A beautiful open minded, could-do-anything in this world, Indonesian girl, still fairly young. Wow, what a bright and incredibly gorgeous girl. So spiritually free. She knows freedom and loves nature. Very intelligent. Yet, she falls madly in love with certain Westerners who I’m guessing promise her all the love in the world, settle in her country for a bit only because they are backpacking and want a break, for them to whisk off, leaving her confused and to get on with it. What happens next? Another western guy comes along, and fills the gap. And so on. It annoys me this, I can’t help vent frustration and honesty, not out of any sort of jealousy, but out of limiting themselves to whoever offers them. These guys maybe cool, but offer little anywhere else. Saying that, everyone deserves someone I guess, and again there are a variety of ways to look at this. It maybe the personality. But seemingly it happens way to often that the Asia girl limits herself to a bang average, no crack westerner. Another example involves me personally. An ex for a short while, so wonderfully cute and loving. Her bf before me, was a serious one. They were a good couple, however I found myself dating her ever so quickly. Not excluding myself from this piece entirely, but we were friends and found ourselves in a friends with benefits situation, only for it to fast forward into more deep and intense feelings. However, I ended that, knowing that it wasn’t right for other reasons. What happens next? Her inability to be alone leads her to the monstrosity of a guy she goes too. A guy who may look rough from a distance, nothing but a slackly dressed slob who happens to be working with. No doubt buttering her up and making her feel special. Her vulnerability at the time of two recent break ups, his apparent exclusion from any foundess form anyone around him she allows herself to fall into his trap, because she needs someone. It’s a crying shame. This is me, the ex, writing about how I wish i was still with her, thats not the case, i just wish she’d be more careful and pick carefully. And wish to god she wouldn’t be with a slaver bucket of a man. For her sake.
Well there you go. And I know alot of people feel this, guys and girls. And yes its an open debate I guess. There are so many different ways to love and feelings I admit. I just feel that Asian women seem to end up worse, from the outside looking in anyway. Parts of Asian Culture just being dominated by western culture. Oh wait, thats the 3rd and Final Chapter of this honest Asian writing compilation.


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