Follow the Yellow Brick Road in Asia, To the Wonderful Country of Oz

Last time I wrote something similar to this, I rushed it I found and it didn’t come across aswell as I would have liked. The more I think about how these two continents are inter-twinned with one another for Europeans, the more I feel I need to write about this once again.
In my travels, in Asia, I truly thought that was one of a kind. Well, it was. But I thought it was separate from time in Australia. I’m only finding out now, since I’ve left Australia to explore the shores of Latin America, that, Chapter 1, of my Travels has came to an end, the combination of Asia and Australia. It’s a modern route now to explore Asia, for however long, then try our luck working in Australia, going back to a more westernized life. Especially for Brits. That wonderful euphoric feeling of being in Asia and seeing what it has to offer, but also having that comfort and the excitement that Australia brings too. I never noticed that excitement, I was hell bent on Asia and it took me a long time to forget about it to the extent of not comparing my good times with what I experienced as great times in Asia. It’s a journey that you are part of, in that time. I know so many people who were on the same route as me. Friends I have since been reunited with, or I follow online in other parts of Australia.


However, the reality is, now, that journey has or is ending for alot of us. Some have went home, and ‘done the travelling thing’. Others, are finding their way in Australia. Some are keeping on travelling on, soldiering on. I feel that when I was part of that so called movement if you like, of Asia to Australia travellers, which by the way, has been going on for years and is happening right now, but my time with it, 2012-2014, I begin to reminisce. It really is the end of an era of travels I believe. That new excitement becomes a little less obvious, as there really is no other known route in the world, combing two continents with both travel and work. I mean, Latin America, then what? There isn’t a visa for backpackers to head north to the States. Canada only provides a selected amount of working holiday visa holders, not as welcoming or hospital as Australia is. And it’s great to be part of a journey, you know? Even follow someones, briefly, temporarily. To see them then, and see them now, it’s interesting to see how lives develop, how people develop and grow. We are all individuals just trying to find our way in life, wherever we are. To be visible to that, and to people travel watch is a privilege in my eyes.


The only downside is, that chapter, that journey comes to an end. Even seeing someone else go home makes me feel a little sad. I think, that it will never be the same again, we, me and him, me and her, us and them, us all, will never be in the same place, as we were then, on that road in Asia, ending up in Australia. But that’s the same as anything of course, and part of travelling is moving on. Moving onto, well for me in any case, Chapter 2, South Americas.

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