Chapter 3 – Westerners Want Control in Asia

The third and final Chapter of this short brain to paper rant of my opinions on how Western culture appears to take over Asian culture will be about the influx of travellers, foreigners and expats into the Asian world, based on my travels in Asia and parts of Australia.

You get the feeling, whether European or American, expats and travellers alike have a certain status about them compared to Asians. Lets base this on an English expat from London living in Thailand. His westernised status and perhaps more wealthy job automatically put himself infront of Asians and what he regards himself as better than them. The way he speaks as he orders food, shows no respect when interrupting people, walks down the treat knowing eyes are on him for him to strut as if he owns the place – there is an underlining feeling of euphoric status among many foreigners in Asian countries.

One instance, I hate the way western girls talk so down to Asian people if in a situation. It’s absolutely horrific and embarrassing for them. I feel there will always be a lack of communication in some parts, the language, the phrases, the understanding; both parties have to take responsibility. When I travel for one, I utmost try my best indulge myself in local ways, not insisting on imposing my way of life to someone in THEIR OWN COUNTRY. I mean, how rude is that? It’s their country, they live here, and they have to make a living. You are there because you want some time away, respect that you are AWAY and that this isn’t your place. We come second to locals, albeit on tours and tourist destinations that’s not always the case. So why the arrogance from us? Is it a cost thing? Is it because our Dollar, Pound, Euro can outmatch theirs so we feel the right to be instantly better than them? Is it our nations past glories or history? Do we feel that we have enough power in the world that we must take it upon ourselves as individuals to express that to one of another culture? Is it because we play tourist or a customer? We insist on being right because not one little thing can go wrong so we can endure this memory of a ‘great’ holiday or experience, not caring of what others are about or their wishes? It’s an incredible thought. If you re reading this, or have read this, and next time you are in a Asian country, you see a form of arrogance I would say, of tourists just feeling that are better than them, watch it, you’ll see how bad it looks. I mean, this person could be the coolest backpacker ever, but from a distance, it looks cringe worthy. Or maybe you see an expat/traveller expect the local tourist is very poor to perform something to keep them happy, despite the difference in life and material wealth. Asian culture is one of the most warmful and incredible cultures I have ever come across. They are very humble people, believe everything happens because it deserves to happen, and are patient and helpful. They are beautiful people, in beautiful surroundings with a beautiful way of living their lives, with the majority through the paces of Buddhism. Yet, this culture finds ourselves influences and brutalised by Westerners coming over to stamp their authority. And why do we do this? It’s in Human nature. It’s in Animal nature. Instinctively, we go after the weak, the less reactive, the less aggressive. We play it in a way that we feel we are being nice, respectful, but essentially we are taking over culture and putting our foot down. It’s easier so we go for this kind of exposure. That leads to more debates on why unfortunately more and more of your less liberal and open minded tourist are landing on the shores of Asia. Because it’s easy. It’s seen as crazy and a world away. Its cheap. Yet, do any of these people even care for any of Asia? For what it really is? Do they want the photos, the self satisfaction that they came somewhere ‘exotic’ or bought a million materialistic things for 70% of the price. I guess it comes down to an ego thing in the end. The feeling of power and control to a culture that naturally doesn’t show any sort of proactive aggression or plans to conquer leaves it open for the ones who seek that. We are human beings and everyone is different. That’s why I sometimes judge on how people travel, or WHY they travel. Why they insist on Asia? Is it because everything’s more deployable, people and situations can be exposed more?


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