12 Ways To Help You Get Back Into The Mood To Backpack

Either you have it or you don’t. The mind for it i mean. Some like holidays on a beach, others like city weekend trips away, others like everything. If you haven’t backpacked before, this may not be the article for you. This is not to create a new interest in your mind to backpack, it’s something you want to do or you don’t. Although its becoming more a fashion for gap year students who just want to party, or people who are ‘backpacking’ because its the thing to do, the art of backpacking is precise. The ones who want it for more than just the trend will realise how tough it can be returning to reality, and starting that journey again of getting a job, saving up and choosing the next destination. Only few out of all travellers instantly do this, set things in motion straight away as they return to society.

12 Ways To Help You Get Back Into The Mood To Backpack:

Already have in your mind, where you want to backpack next. You will get the travel blues for sure after a few weeks of recovery in a nicer bed and comfort food, so make sure you have your goal and target pinpointed.

unnamed (1)

Do not over research, leave some unknown things for the trip to enhance your amazement, but look at a couple of activities or sights you really want to see. Keep them in your forethoughts.


Asoon as you can, book your flight. You may be catching up with finances, or feel you need this and that, but the sooner you book your flight it can make a huge difference for some. You have it official now, you don’t want to waste that 12 hour flight money.


Network online. Speak to people who have been where you are, are going similar times or encourage you. This can be done on Facebook Groups for Travel Continents (I currently admin 10), chat on the forums on Lonely Planets or even just google search where you want to go and look at the pictures. This will get you excited for it.


Set up a savings account. Do not try to put huge amounts away at first, just go steady away and ease yourself in. Once you get into a routine of your budget, you can then make further amendments as you go on.


Watch movies that relate to your destination. Whether its  Blood Diamond about Africa, The Beach about Asia or even the Into the Wild about the US,it will get you that feeling back that you just cannot wait to hit the road again.


Learn some of the lingo. Learning a bit will get you better prepared and you will be surprised how natural it comes when you may need it on the road.


Get your necessary jabs. OK, the actual process of having a needle in your arm isn’t pretty, but you will feel like you are really doing this again and it will have your mind focused on a one way tunnel to your destination.

Kids' vaccinations_2

Along the way, buy things you may need. Just the odd thing here and there every so often will be a soft reminder to why your building your collection up of travel necessities.


Get your body prepared. Depending where you go of course, but being in good shape will benefit you travelling for longer. Trust me, all them dodgey foods and crazy bus journeys, the stronger your body is the better equipped it is. For Asia, I handled alot more than I should have, because I had eaten good for months and played sport. For Africa example, I’m preparing on building muscle to get toned incase anything strenuous occurs.


Book your first nights accommodation. This will be more closer to the time of your departure, but hell you’ll be exicited when you see that confirmation email come through. Shits starting to get real again.


Keep being independent and be strong. These are two key factors to any backpacker who enjoys the vast majority of their trip. Say bye to friends, prepare yourself for that flight journey and landing into a new country. That first night. Mentally prepare yourself for whats going to happen. After a short while, that preparation will become elation.



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