16 Great Things About Melbourne

16 Great Things About Melbourne

Its a city full of different nationalities and travellers. It has a variety only NYC apparently beats. You will learn and look at many different cultures in one city.


The food is awesome. I mean, any food, from anywhere, you have it here. Spoilt with a selection of options from Thai to Korean to Mexican to Afghanistan.


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Sports events are common here. Whether its the Tennis Open, the F1 or AFL Season, you always have a choice of what you want to see.



Transport is very fluent. Trams, buses and trains. Always on the go, always around the corner. You can get to places without the stress.


Buskers or street perfomers. There is always some independent individual artist in the town showing you there skills for hte odd dollar or two. From Peruivian flute players to solo guitar players at 4am after your night out, you’ll always be entertained.



Hospitality is happy. If you are working or a customer, its a happy place to be. Money is good here, food is good, so its smiles all around. Unlike your hometown waitress who just wants to check her Inbox messages on 5 dollars an hour waiting to leave work.


Weather. You may be from Australia and think, what? But having a balanced weather season is awesome. You have the heat and outdoor days of the summer, but you have the winter months where you have cosy nights in and time to watch movies.


The Arts. If you want to see a show, audition for a acting role or watch a musical, Melbs is the quirky city in Australia. A big old Bohemian bunch of people.


Rent accommodation is fairly cheap considering. I lived by the Botanical Gardens in South Yarra, a nice area for a real bargain. If you look and get lucky, you’ll be amazed at what you can find.


The Lanes. Similar to European countries like Italy, Spain and Greece, Melbourne offers laneways which are cute and colourful offering you food and drink from all over the world. Even to explore them and walk down is awesome enough.



Shopping. Melbourne shopping malls and centres are rife, and attract visitors from all over Australia and the world. For a city, again its cheap considering.


Crown Casino. Beautifully perched by the river, its size and attractions are huge and really light up the city. A great place to go for the casino, some food, watch the sport or go shopping.


Its surrounding area. From Mornington to Dandenong, you can leave the city and head for hikes around its beautiful nature only an hour away.



Vibe. The vibe of a city which has only 4 million people, it feels more personalized. There are workers to backpackers and everyone has their own pursuit for happiness without distortion for others.



Asian influence. From China town to Springvale’s monestries, the asian influence in Melbourne helps you bring you to a different world but in the same city, and attributes to its cultural shortcomings.


Its officially the joint top most liveable city in the world!! Get there now !!


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