7 Ways To Try and Avoid Being Spotted as a Tourist

If you want to avoid being spotted instantly as you walk through the streets, step off your bus or sit down in a restaurant, whether its Africa, Venezuela or parts of Europe, then maybe these tips can help you. You may not completely go un-noticed, but at least it may help for it being that obvious you are there to travel.

Clothes. Similar to the flip flops, a singlet and shorts are normally for beach wear, not in the city or towns. It makes you stand out like a tall man in Asia. Flip Flops you don’t need to wear everywhere you go.


Taking your super high tech huge camera wherever you go. We like to take pictures but sometimes taking them for the sake of it rather than just experiencing what is infront of you is what matters.

Don’t react to every unusual situation like its the first time it has happened. Locals want that reaction, just shrug it off like you’ve seen it all before.


If someone asks you how many times you have visited the country or location, always you’ve been there more than once. You may come across like you have business or family there.


Always wait to talk to someone. Its very common for tourists to interrupt and ask for themselves. It comes across as tourist behaviour, just wait.


Do things the local way. Intead of paying higher prices to be safe and sound shuffled about, do things like the locals would do. Eat, travel and see what they would see. You get more satisfaction sometimes too.


Learn some lingo or language. Its respected and it givesa perception you are there not only to enjoy yourself but to understand their culture and not impose your way of life.


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