Tommy’s Leavin’ Santa (Poem)

As the evening draws to a close,

The rain never falls but pours,

Santa Marta I’m leavin’ ye.

12 hours through the night,

The journey still shows no light,

At the end of the long and windy tunnel.

I sit up eating crisps,

Whilst Colombians take there kips,

Listening to the melodies on my old apple

As the day break comes about,

The sleep I had no amount,

Waiting for the realms of Medellin.

As we pass through the heights,

Eagles soaring nearby like kites,

Mother Earth’s green body all around us

The minutes tick on by,

My mouth is water starved dry,

I crave for Oreos and Belmonts

My patience wearing thin,

But suddenly I begin to grin,

As this is the life of a traveller.

Always on the road,

Freedom is on the mode,

This is the path I ran to.


Into the unknown,

I wish I could have shown,

The ones who do not believe this.

But don’t you worry about me,

On the land or on the sea,

Afterall I am a Walker

We create our own today,

Everythings going to be okay,

As the sights now I see,

This is exactly where….I’m suppose to be.



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