Nessi (Poem)

There was one time deep into real South America, I was on the islands of the much avoided Venezuala,

Locals of the land and my presence was only me, questioning if Paradise would ever be beaten by this incredible spot and crystal clear sea.

The tranquillity of unhabitted  Los Roques, whom many will say where is that or Dondes?

This place is still special with its sacrdress and unique vibe,  On the shore with white sand is where I lie

As the midday sun boils my eyes begin to squint, as the girl from the hotel shines with a bronze tint

I do my best to talk to her with any excuse, so my eyes can lay on her without any guilt or refute

My mind is too keen whilst heart is turned on, her unique spirits fascinates me believing in no wrong,

This was no typical chica from America Latin, she could be with you or alone still laughin’

So genuine and a mind out in the open, coupled with her obvious beauty showing

She looked younger than a mid twenty, for me to discover her years were older than thee.

Her vacation was short and sweet, taking a break from the daily grinds and working heat

But her energy was something more than a beach slacker, I’ve only felt that connection with a backpacker

Where the walls are down for both, allowing all the compliments and unknowns to float

The curiosity of each others culture and life, of something in the moment or the future we might?

Her words are precise and public, King and Queen we stand very poetic,

A memory is taken in the midst of conversation,  she has a laugh of love whilst she has his adoration

There are many beautiful people in modern day life, many misconceptions about our types and alike,

But as human beings we tend to know, when someone we want is for them or for show

We don’t need to play games or worry about being hasty, as then or today we know which ones would be lastly

This maybe the tale of a travellers thoughts becoming unnecessary, or it maybe the first chapter with a girl called Nessi.



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