A little note on Amphipolis

As an ancient history fan, and especially in times of Philip of Macedon and Alexander the Great, how exciting it is to discover  the newly and ongoing excavated tomb of Amphipolis? In Northern Greece, this tomb which is TWICE the size of King Philip of Macedon, dates back to when Alexander was alive or there abouts, citing possible speculations that it could be the Great himself, but more likely a close member of family, friend or important royalty member.

I’m like most, following updates on the internet, more so with updates from the real fanatics such as The Greek Reporter, Second Hercules(Blog) or Second Achilles(Blog). BBC and Facebook will always show updates. Apparently according to lead archaeologist Katerina Peristeri, the dig will be finished in a month. It’s incredible that back in 1956 this site was first began work on and earmarked, but only now, 2014 we are seeing this. We should all thank Dmitri Lazaridis for his research and networking then to discovering such a spot for excavation.  I’m ecstatic that it could be someone close to the greatest warrior of the world. My guess, giving the decoration, time and size, it will be Olympias.

I’ve studied Alexander to an intermediate level, and wish to continue to do so. My obsession with this man, was for his life. I have a tattoo, which is a replicate of Pierre Pugets, 15th Century painting Alexander Et Diogenes, with Bucepalus, Alexanders horse, on my under forearm, for my eyes to see, and follow every day in a sense.


The life of this man, from what historians report, was a full of controversy, action and most of all freedom. He comes across as very much independent in his thinking, in his life, wanting what he wanted, and getting what he wanted.  Coming from a family and upbringing which had many differences, he took on the world as a young adult, and had a fast, eventful and brief life. But in that time, he conquered what no others have done. This is one of the reasons why I’m so interested in this, like many others are, the charisma of this Great, wanted a world that was one. To connect ties rather than constantly battle with them. He saw one world, where as others did not share his dreams.


I like this thought. I see myself as independent, and different to others in terms of what I want in life. I want to continue on, help, achieve, travel, explore – see the world for what it is. And if that life lasts only a short time, then what a life in that time.

These are what we are made to believe, and will continue to do so until evidence forsees itself to tell different. However, the potential that Amphipolis brings, does get us a little closer to this ancient world which was by far one of the most incredible times that humans have ever been present for. The beginning of the world as one to an extent. Whoever may lie at rest in this huge tomb at Amphipolis, it still is an inch closer to the Greatest of them all.


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