12 Things About My Time In Colombia

6 weeks in Colombia, 2 weeks longer than I expected, has undoubtedly been the highlight of my South American trip so far. I have overcame things, achieved, enjoyed and explored many things in this country, and really could have done more than I did whilst I was here.

Here are 12 things I’ve done in Colombia:

Birthday in Cartagena  – Staying at Media Luna Hostel, hitting the streets of Getsmane, enjoying watching the football, drinking Aguiente in bars and eating awesome street food. I had a full 3 days of this turning 27. There isn’t alot to do in Cartagena, but you can make it a few days to remember.


Old City in Cartagena – Spending the days roaming the old city including catherdrals, museums and old squaresis a true delight and allows you visit colonial Cartagena. It has a Europe feel but very orientated for tourists.


Minca – Santa Marta – Enjoy the nature side of Minca with hostels up on the mountainside. I did Yoga, drank refreshing homemade fruit teas and relaxed looking over this small village chill out hippy place.


Play Grande Beach Santa Marta – Has a 20 minute hike from Taganga, but is overlooked by some Mushroom looking accommodation, good local food available whilst on the beach. A cool place to chill out.


Tayrona Park – Can get here by hike our horseback,we chose the latter. Hammocks or tents are your beds with the beach  engulfed by local rocks. A cool place to chill out and has a very backpacker vibe to it.


Scuba Diving in Taganga – I done my PADI here with Santa Marta Dive & Adventure.2.5 Days it took with 4 dives in 2 days in Taganga. Having great visibility, interesting sealife and calm waters. A good place to dive.



La Brisa Loca Parties – Apart from Dreamer, La Brisa kills the town for hostels. Its constant, unpredicted and over the top parties attract the most quiet traveller into a night of craziness.


Cable Car Tour Medellin – Over look awesome Medellin with its thousands of buildings inside this beautiful high mountain range. The cable car gives you a sense of how big this city really is!



Pablo Escobar Tour Medellin – Go and visit this famous drug dealers grave and meet his brother Roberto, who is the only one still alive able to give the real accounts of his brothers life. An honour to meet someone who you can ask questions and get around his house.


Salt Cathedral Bogota – This wonder of Colombia is truly unique, with salt mines now being transformed into a pilgrimage site for Catholic worshipers. The place is huge and impressive, with a very religious theme to its industrial past.


Football – Watching Medellin and how their fans were was awesome. So passionate and a real football country!



Lost City Trek Santa Marta – A tough but very worth hike. Deep into the Sierra Nevada, this 4 or 5 day excurtion will test your fitness, patience and hiking ability. Meeting Indigenous people and visiting the lost city are the highlights. Tougher than Machu Pichu and not as touristy either. Amazing adventure. You feel like a survivor afterwards.




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