Ella Marxela (Poem)

Ella Marcela

Her natural shine, radiates the room,

She isn’t a party girl, I’ll be the groom

She works hard to get somewhere in life,

She isn’t a city girl, unknown to be precise

It makes me wonder, how many are left?

Of people who are not, someones to be kept

Her eyes are the key, to her soul I say,

They tell you what she wants or may

Given whst I know,I want to know more,

But for the time being, there is no open door

She isn’t after gain or prosperity from the souls of a man,

She just wants love and the life that she can

The different in background and obvious culture,

Leads to her wary and for resistant posture

But her words are quiet and discreet,

As one day she writes to me that we should meet,

I have no idea what will come of this,

But I know there is a connection that will not go a miss,

The excitement of the unknown runs through my mind

For this is Marcela, one day I will find.

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