Latin American Chica’s

They’re beautiful, passionate and intimate yet that is at first glance. There is a stereotype of Latin American women, some of the best women in the world. They like to dance, to party, alot of them like soccer and they like to have fun. But inside the minds of these Latina’s, there is more than what meets the eye.

Coming from experience of course, and other travellers tales it’s pretty safe to say, there mindset of love and attraction is far different to one of an easy, free minded backpacker.  They’re adamant, stern and even bossy which some of you may not realise.

This of course is the beauty of travelling, dealing with different cultures and their expectancies. We are all different and that’s what makes travelling is what it is. If we were all the same, there wouldn’t be any curiosity to meet new people and see new places.

I was boarding an internal flight from Bogota to Barranquilla, Colombia, when I was began to chat in English to a man who checks passports just after coming through security. He asked why I liked Colombia which I said I loved. He asked me about what I thought of the women here. Just from a general overview of when I’ve been in their company or in lingo with them. I said they are Loca, which is crazy. All be it I said I was joking afterwards, but I did say they were beautiful but different. He said, they think differently here, and will take everything for themselves. I laughed as he did, surely with his perception based on bad experiences.

Here are a few things you need to know.

Latin American women on Gringos. They do not care if you are good looking, have a way with words, a bad boy or wealthy, if you can treat them nice and offer them something, they will go for you. If you are a bit of a looker then this can go against you. Why?

Because they want to be the beautiful one. The one that stands out and is the more presentable one of your combination. Why?

More and more have a natural ego of being pretty or fun. Because of the stereotypes we create. The Latin culture, the sexy dancing, the tanned skin – they know this and want that power of being number one. However…

They do want the perception that they do are not whores. It’s important to them so don’t be surprised if you feel you are getting somewhere with them by the flirting, laughing, dancing and kissing, yet they still are stand-offish with you. The latter…

Kissing is almost the same gesture as a hug is or a high five is to us. They like to kiss but it doesn’t mean you have them.. Yet…

The more different you are, the better chances you got. We all like to have a tan, but they like the opposite, so don’t be too down if you are the same colour as you are back home, they like this, even if you feel not good about yourself…This includes…

Blonde hair. They adore it. It’s completely the opposite of their naturally darker hair, so a blonde haired guy they instantly know you are a tourist, and they are more attached to you from the off….If

You are of an attraction to them, don’t be surprised at some of them wanting to create a family with you. They are family based, love and children,  they would be very keen to start that with you as soon a possible….But…

If you do piss them off, or show no real interest back, they will get crazy. There words in Spanish or Portuguese will be fast and fuelled. They are passionate people who will not be afraid to say what they think. Although….

Once you have them, they are yours. They will give everything to you and stand by you. They want to be seen and known as ‘your girl’, they don’t like to be lonely so remember that. Plus…

They love it when a gringo tries to speak Spanish but is speaking more like a 3 year old. It shows effort but they think its cute. So try learn a little or if you know alot, play dumb.

So next time you are in Latin America, remember, these women are some of the most frustratingly beautiful creatures in the world. Even walking down the street innocently can get you admiring their beauty. Be prepared or get ready to use the term Ella es Loca.


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