A New Form of Sex Tourism in Latin America?

We all know about sex tourism that pits places in Asia. You know, the old man with money, no patience or respect to be in a normal, felt relationship. Who wants to buy his blowjobs and feel in control? We all know that it’s bought. The women may feel loved, secure and may even learn to care for the guy, but it’s not real in the majority, no, vast majority of cases.

Yet, are we now seeing a more modern approach to people travelling abroad to get laid?  I’m talking about the young adult generation, especially in males. For backpackers to go abroad and travel, of course there are intimate coming together. People are curious on different cultures, attitudes, looks and personalities from around the world. That comes WITH travelling, and is part of it naturally. However, I’ve seen more and more, homeboys come out to travel for an easier life, and more specifically to travel for women full stop.

I mean, I’m 27, I know how the world works and I have had my fair share of experiences. Yet, when you see dolled up lads, looking like they are going into London for a night out, rather than staying in a cheap backpackers hostel going to a local bar or club, you have to wonder, why they are there for? Especially in Colombia, I saw alot of UK and Aussie lads, squeaky clean, very vain, perfect attire and a ‘not wanting to get dirty’ attitude. Then you see them, on their phones, notably social media apps such as the ever popular Tinder. You see they just want girls. There is no other reason. I think and hope this is not a new generation of travellers, for what it would do, would be to give a new image of sex tourism all together. A new age of it, the younger ones.

Then you have to question, are these guys now able to do anything in their home counties? Are they lazy? Do they want it easier and willing to travel to get laid? To feel good, confident  about themselves and boost their ever growing egos that their parents instilled in them? I honestly think its gross. And very desperate and sad. Going looking for action is pretty vulgar to me. If it happens, it happens. But to spoil the art that travelling is, with such predator-like wishes taints the whole ritual that travelling is. Are they jealous when they hear stories of real explorers, travellers, backpackers, who tell the tale of an exotic Peruvian girl or a beautiful experience with a Indonesian girl. Do they feel they are missing out and need to travel afar so they can tell these stories?

I think some guys do that, and maybe that’s a new era or new meaning of sex tourism. Its pretty obvious, going to a different and lets say, less privileged part of the world, the locals will be more attracted to you. It doesn’t matter how you look, if you’re a bit weird, a geek, a tough guy, a smart guy. Different is what local women like. Let’s hope this is something out of nothing that I’ve spotted in South America, especially Colombia. That country is beautiful, and coming on leaps and bounds in the last 8-10 years.

Let’s hope I’m wrong, and these parasites stay praying in their own back yard.

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