Best Free Things I’ve Done Travelling

We all know travelling comes at financial cost, so when things come for free, the appreciation is a little more founded. Here are a few things I’ve done whilst in Europe, South East Asia and South America that have been free of any ticketing cost or of any cost at all:

Jeepney Ride, North Philippines – Tremendous views sitting above a Jeepney from Banaue to Sagada and back. On the way, Banaue rice terraces stare at you in amazement, with a wonderful breeze, a sense of adrenalin and the feeling of a cool breeze surely was one of the best things I done for no cost. Coming back from Sagada at 6am, the sun roaring over the mountains, yet I was still higher than the clouds.


Las Lajas, Colombia – Stumbling across this pilgrimage site before entering the boarders of Ecuador was a true wonder. Beautifully sacred, full of locals and no tourists, Pearched deep between a mountain valley, this pretty church and natural area of mountains and a river was a great experience, albeit a 2 hour one.


Free Plane Ticket to Newcastle – Managed to blag and persuade a lady at KLM to give me a free ticket from Amsterdam, after I had missed my original flight. My charm worked! To be honest, it was about time given all the drama I’ve had with pre plane journeys.


Casa Del Arbol Swing, Ecuador – Okay, the fee is 50c for a go for this famous swing that swooshes out over the mountains with an incredible view. Yet, my friend paid the minor charge for me as I had no change. Not something I would normally request for, but technically it was free and I got some great views and pictures!

1654095_10154691526825004_5299010771121971019_n (1)

Free seat and drive in Cockpit, Guyana – Heading to Shell Beach, I was lucky to be put in the cockpit and font seat with the pilot for this chartered, 1 hour flight to Shell Beach from Geogetown. I even got to fly the plane for 5 minutes. Incredible, free experience that has made me more eager to obtain my amaeteurs pilot licence in the future.


Sinolug Festival, Cebu, Philippines – This festival is free and no ticket is required. It’s free to whoever attends which involves Latin like street parties, Catholic worshipping and extravagant street parades. One of the best festivals attended and was free.


Tumalog Waterfall, Oslob, Philippines – I’ve visited Angel Falls and Kaieteur Falls recently, both world epics. One being the worlds highest waterfall, the other the largest single drop waterfall. Yet, Tumalog waterfall, sacred and hidden from most tourists, was breath taking and still is probably my favourite. A beautiful lagoon shadows it’s powerful gauge of natural water benath its depths. Incredible, and if you know where it is, it’s free.


Pool for the day, Penang, Malaysia – The manager kindly let me and some other backpackers use his personal swimming pool for the day. Totally for us, completely for free, including transport too.


Bagan Temples, Myanmar – To visit such a wonderful area, UNESCO heritage site, was amazing. There are 4400 temples to view, anyone can go see them at their own leisure. There isn’t no tickets or tours to purchase, it’s a free sighting for all.


Bed on a Jeep under the starts, Jaisalmer, India – Okay, the Camel Safari wasn’t free, nor cheap either, but normally with having to sleep in the sand, I managed to grab a bed on of the Jeep, falling asleep whilst watching the stars. If you don’t ask you don’t get.


Ruel Johnsons Books – Award winning Guyanese Author Ruel Johnson gave me two signed creations of his. His award winning book Ariadne and Other Stories, and a book on his poems. I was lucky enough to met such a talented guy, nevermind have some awesome generosity from him.

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