Curious Contaoe (Poem)


She travels across many lands,
Her freedom is in well within her hands
She is ready to head away there and now,
That’s who this is, Curious Contaoe

You stumble across many Wanderers,
Whom are always adventurous ponderers
Yet few make it there day to day life,
She wants that world day  to night

Following her soul around this world,
There’s a certain energy she leaves this girl,
Her mark left on this globe is a shine,
Her travel exploits are of the mind.

To explore deeply is something of great will,
Only the strong ones will ever get to fill
She could stay home with her life panned out,
She keeps on strolling even with doubt

Her home now is inside her bags,
Her memories are found online by tags
Desire burns her heart as she looks down the road,
She wants everything and everywhere so be quick to take note

Her friends say why won’t you return,
She resists temptation, still wanting to learn
Her beauty is like no other,
Any one would want to be her lover

Whilst she keeps on rolling down her path,
She see’s living life as the travelling rif raff
Going from place to place with no commitment,
Whether it’s a hostel, hotel, hammock or tent

Her thoughts for the bigger picture aren’t right now there,
Her everyday turn is all for what she is to care
Waiting for each moment to last forever,
Her connection with the world whatever the weather

Having too much fun today to think about tomorrow,
Her ambition is to be free not sorrow
Whilst she goes alone or with a friend,
She’s a girl who would always stop and tend

She can be a girl who’s bittersweet,
But this girl you will always want to meet
Each to their own, whatever their rising star,
She’ll always say she wants to keep going far

There are millions of different people on this planet,
But to rediscover these lands how many want it?
You will rarely come across one with the desire
To leave and continue on, her curiosity will never tire.


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