My Pre Plane Journey Drama’s

I don’t like waiting in airports, I don’t like the anticipation of being thousands of feet in the air. I use to hate flying, be petrified of it. In the last 3 years I’ve flew nearly 70 times, and since then, it’s gotten a little bit easier and more of an adventure, more of a buzz.

However, my pre flight dramas have been an experience in themselves. Alot of drama, lack of sleep, rushing, running to airports, shouting, cursing and laughing. If you follow me on social media accounts, descriptions have been told there and then.

I’ve been through my fair share of dramas prior to boarding flights (or in some cases not boarding them)… Here are some examples of my pre plane journey dramas:

Guyana – Trinidad

After a day venturing to Kaieteur Falls, I had an early morning flight to Trinidad. I decided to drink at the bar with a fellow traveller. Too much El Dorado Rum and Cheap Beer brought me to a bed at around 3:30am, thinking I’d have half an hour sleep before heading out. I woke up at 5:37am. Not worrying too much, I quickly found out that the airport I was flying from was 45 minutes away and NOT the 10 minute away one. I hired down a driver, who was crazy and he drove me there in nothing other than tremendous speed. We had a couple of near misses, but I could do nothing but hope. I had got ready in 11 minutes and arrived at 6.18am. Luckily, it was Guyana, it was delayed and I made the flight.

Bogota – Barranquilla, Colombia

This one wasn’t as frantic; however still was a close call. I wasn’t sure about heading back north due to time restrictions, but I really wanted to see an ex travel friend of mine. I didn’t leave my hotel until 1 hour and 15 minutes before my flight. I got to the airport with the airline staff of Viva Colombia prompting me to check in for the flight and get on board. I was casual and calm this time, and this was the last pre plane drama I had, maybe I’m getting use to it!

Bangkok to Delhi to London to Newcastle

After coming back to the UK from Australia for a trip, a few days stop off in Bangkok for a few nights out really got to me. I barely made my flight to Delhi, looking extremely hung-over. I then fell asleep until I had to board to London from Delhi, a big family argument between two Indian families ensured on the plane, followed by a long wait at Heathrow airport for my final flight to Newcastle. 3 Flights, 1 day, 0 Sleep.

Bangkok to KL to Melbourne

After a night catching up with friends from South Africa and Australia, Khao San Road had me. Bangkok had me. Too many buckets and rowdiness allowed me to go to the airport, on no sleep, an eye infection and a bruised nose. I have never been so out of it when showing up for a flight. Needless to say, I slept both flights without an eye opening.

Bali to Singapore

I had been in Bali for 2 weeks, not really reading alto into this huge, inspiring country. I had been apart of a group of guys, all from Sweden and a friend from Canada, whom I had met at the beginning of my trip. I got to the airport, checked in with my bags and was in the line to board. I had a huge change of heart and decided to stay for 2 more weeks.  It caused a bit of suspicion but I really wasn’t ready to leave Indonesia. Funnily enough, one of the guys from Sweden had done the exact same, albeit his scheduled flight was going to Malaysia. We both cancelled almost simultaneously. Missed flight.

Bali to Singapore (2)
After planning on definitely getting to Singapore this time around, I had met a real cool Bohemian bunch of backpackers in the Gili Islands. I had a flight for Singapore the next day at around 2pm from Denpasaar, Bali airport, only again to decide it wasn’t time to leave. I remember my friend looking at his watch and saying ‘Yep you’ve missed that one too’.

Bangkok to Manila

I had arrived on time, well not late, and checked my bags in with about 30 minutes to spare. Not knowing, and told very late, that entering the Philippines, you need an outward flight or I would be refused entry. I was told that ‘ you have 20 minutes to book a flight, the internet cafe is on the 6th, top floor’. I wasn’t allowed to leave my bags somewhere to speed the process up. So I slugged my bags up the stairs, booked a flight to Jakarta, after many internet delays, I went back down to check in. I took 25-30 minutes but was refused the flight. I couldn’t believe it. I had to go all the way back to Bangkok, book another flight for the next day.

Amsterdam to Newcastle

II had flown over for the weekend for a reunion with friends I had met in Asia. The Sunday morning, my flight back to the UK was at 630am. Ignoring this time, I was out with friends until 4am. I woke up at 8am, completely missed my flight. However, after calling up KLM for a quote on another flight the same day, I was given a price of 400 Euros. I decided to try my luck at the airport, managed to blag a lovely women who gave me a ticket for the 12pm for free!

Amsterdam to Teesside

A fair few years back now, however coming home from a lads weekend away, we as a group got our times mixed up and were happily sat in a cafe whilst everyone on our flight had boarded. Next thing, our names are being read out on the overhead, only for us to question it at first before dashing through a busy Schipol airport to make the flight! Phew…

Marbella to Newcastle

Another lad’s holiday. Our flight was at 8:30am, we had a huge and perhaps the biggest night of our weeks trip, on the last night. We got in to our apartment at 6am, had to leave at 7am. I remember it being the quickest yet deepest 30 minutes sleep I’d ever had. We all passed out on each other in the taxi van on the way to the airport, before struggling to even get to check in. Hilarious I have to say.

Ibiza to Leeds/Manchester

It was my first time on the white isle and I didn’t want to leave. I had been planning to stay there for a week but missed my first flight and made it 10 days out there. So, with one flight missed, I booked another one. I got to the airport to find out that the one I had booked was delayed by 4 hours, and that I had to change airline. So eventually I paid an extra 200 Euros to board another flight to Manchester. I finally got back, broken and exhausted, and did get a refund eventually for the flight cancellation.

Leeds to Rome

A few years back with an ex girlfriend, a 4 day stay on a tight budget was the plan over Christmas to hit Rome. Still I haven’t been here and so eager to go. Our relationship was on its last legs anyway, and at that time, there was a lot of snow and ice warnings. Our flight got delayed by 4 hours only for me to decide to leave it anyway. It looked to be a sign however as a week later I was single.

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