My Strangest Foods

If you travel around the world, your bound to come across some strange foods to your normal diet. Luckily, and touching wood as I type this, I’ve got a tough stomach. My mother fed me exotic things as a child, so geneally keeping things down hasn’t been difficult. Yet, some foods are just strange. Maybe not to the locals who bear such a feast, but to us travellers well, they can be odd. Yet, this is part of travelling, food. There are so many wonderful dishes out there, food and eating has almost become a hobbie. Long gone are the days of eating for necessity, we can enjoy our foods nowadays in the whole.

However, here are my top strangest foods I’ve came across to date.

Yellow Snails in France – Tasting rubbery, no texture and looking ugly, I was 11 when my mother pressured me into eating this. As a pre teenager, it wasn’t something I totally enjoyed.

Bolot in Philippines – This raw egg with the featus of a chicken inside still was very odd and not something I was totally keen to try. I could taste the fur of this dead featus. However the Filipinos loved them, and I’ll be honest, with a bit of salt, it wasn’t that bad.


Cockroaches, Scorpians and Tarantulas in Thailand – Almost a novelty now for travellers, you can buy fried insects from locals mini mobile stores. Most partakers try because of the crazy element that is involved in eating such a thing. The cockroach in particular was dry yet slimy, and given the fact everyone despises these creatures, thinking about it wasn’t the best either.


Giant Guinea Pig in Colombia/Ecuador – This is a local dish, albeit being a Rodent. Many locals like this and relate this to better than the taste of Rabbit. Yet, my first time tasting this I couldn’t get going with it. No texture, felt raw and just didn’t sit right straight away.


Snake in Vietnam – Part of a novelty trip again in Hanoi snake village, you eat snake bones, skin and even snake blood. The latter being a popular novelty but the prior was very unique. Tough and chewy.


Crocodile in Vietnam – Not as unique but still a different dish to what would be served in Europe. It tasted like chicken although with a crunchy tenderness to go with.


Chicken Feet in Melbourne, Australia – Okay, I was in Chinatown. And apparently in East Asia its very common to have these. I had a few beers and thought what the hell. I ate them all, whether that was because of the alcohol or my own desire.

Cows Testicles in Thailand – Not sure where I got these from but definitely from a market in Bangkok. Very much a mindset taste. It just doesn’t sit right doing this. Vey tender which makes me get goosebumps now.

Wild Deer in Guyana – It has been 18 hours in a cramped minibus, on dirt roads in sweltering Guyana. I was starving. It actually was in a curry form and went down a treat. Would recommend. Tasted like beef.


Espanadas in Venezuela – This wasn’t as strange, but when mixing chicken, cheese and banana in one wrap, it did take me by surprise. Although delicious.


Fish flake Crisps in Colombia – A popular snack for locals who normally buy from street sellers who board the bus at intervals, extremely naively I thought I was buying Onion Rings. I gave them away to the old lady to my left.

Shark & Bake in Tobago – A delicious and popular dish in Tobago. However, common for breakfast time. Shark is eaten around the world we know that, but still isn’t as common as your Cod or Haddock. A must if eating in the Carribean. Battered Shark with battered Potato pastie.


Raw Fish Noodles in Cambodia – They look appealing, but I have to admit was one of the worst foods I’ve tasted. I bought them in Siem Reap. Cold, no taste and just awkward in the mouth. Feels like your eating something alive from the sea.



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