Thoughts To Feelings, Time To Goodbyes, Me To Naty (Poem)

That sinking feeling of a goodbye,

This was first of the mind and feeling oh my,

But feelings came real but still with the extent,

Of the unknown but very much in the moment

This lonely road keeps me at bay,

But for the first time I really wanted to see what may,

There was realism but also a dreams of it,

When I feel like this my travels I would forfit

For a life with someone just me and her,

But my determination never normally would concur,

Walking down the lanes looking up to the heavens,

Wondering if this feeling will come again

There is no fooling this one with all my thought,

Nor I want to lie about life nor fall short,

Already she knows the depths of my past,

But in the future is what I worry she may not want to last

Independent we both are which helps it happen,

Yet combining these powers I ask we are together when

No effort is needed to find the energy,

To be by her side whatever she wants from me.

I miss her already within minutes of walking,

More than anything just laughing and talking

Sometimes this world brings nations together as one,

Yet alot of the time we look back and we are gone.

Her spirit I felt asoon as I looked into them dark eyes,

Putting my guard up yet so nervous inside

I’ve never wished to be with someone as a partnership,

It just happened and then came along her my heart lit

We be free together searching the roams of the earth,

The water our new bodies light dark and whatever the worth

Being silent and peaceful but our postures still move,

No matter of words but you still feel the sooth

She is always one step ahead two and fro,

Naturally thinking there is no need for an ego

Her hardworking spirit never sleeps,

I’m constantly chasing her and wanting her for keeps

If you want her obedient you will not find here,

She is her own person always in 1st gear

Intimidating I do not feel normally feel much,

But when I looked at her first I had such a rush.

I say Hasta Luego and the sign is we’ll meet soon,

Yet something has shifted inside me like the change of a new moon

This started out as curiousity and a pipe dream that maybe,

Yet since my last thoughts this is strange for myself and Naty.


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