Walking Down Tortuga Bay (Poem)


As my last day on these islands fades out,
My last exploration there comes a shout,
Not from the cries of tourist pleasure
But the ocean is echoing like a hidden treasure

The morning it is and the breeze cool,
Cactus and forestry like a dry pool,
I walk alone down the narrow path,
It’s so quiet here not a single laugh

This magical place is like going back in time,
What lives here isn’t afraid of your human shine
They all watch you with no care in the world,
You are the foreigners in there volcanic swirl

The life that is here is untouched within,
What this planet was before our sins,
To land my feet on this oh so precious,
Makes me still pinch to see if I’m conscious

This isn’t no pass through kinda place,
We are here with a purpose nature we chase,
To fully appreciate these lands and unwind,
You must be of the right age, maturity and mind

A unique place in the world which is well preserved,
I pray that parasites do not invade this spot which has no word,
Here we are one and no separation,
We are Mother Earth again no exception

Hearing noises of life wherever you are,
From the grunts of the sea lions to the iguanas tongue like tar,
The peaceful gliding of the Galapagos shark,
The spotted eagle rays floating in marks.


The rocky formations dotted across the sea,
Huge historic worn volcanos stand proud and sleepy,
The beaches white and untouched by man,
Allowing the tortugas chance to lay their clan.

As I toddle down to the beauty of their bay,
I question when I will come to next stay,
I’ve never been so sure that one day I will return,
This is my island home that no money can ever earn.



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