12 Things That The People Back Home Don’t Know When You Travel

The photos look awesome, the stories are mesmerizing, but its tough being a backpacker. It’s not all luxury hotels, awesome beaches and first class service. It takes strong people to get to their destinations. It can be harder than some lines of work. I’m not dreaming here, travelling is awesome and is a journey, but it is tough. Here are something thats only tip the surface what are not ideal.

Travel Journeys – Getting use to crazy bus drivers swerve of mountain side roads, choppy seas with the fragile of boats, delayed long enough train rides – travelling is one of the toughest parts. In Europe we moan about a 2 hour journey, I laugh now I could do 5 of them a day. A 8 hour journey is seen as a good amount, especially when you compared with 25 hour long journeys.


Entering a new country for the first time – Generally everyone is a bit cautious, new things to learn, adapt too, figure out. Especially at night too, it can be tricky and something most people want over and done with quickly as possible.


Leaving a place you love – Like back home, there is no constant settlement. Most people move on to fulfil there own travel plans or seek something new. Its hard to let go of somewhere like that, on numerous occasions.


Saying goodbye to people – To travel generally you have to be open minded, sociable and not stuck within your own thoughts and ways of life. Like many do back in your hometown, set friends are there all the time so you don’t get this. When you travel, you can find connections with people from all over the world like no other, and saying goodbye knowing that you are on this road for your own destiny can be hard. However, as all travellers know the golden rule, its never goodbye, its see you later.


Language Barriers – To get through difficulties like this involves a lot of patience, creative thinking and learning. Its not like you are in Spain and ordering a Beer easly in Mallorca, you have to really get by and pick things up.


Falling in Love – When you travel, 1 day with someone is effectively a weeks worth of dates with someone. You talk, eat, sleep, travel and everything together. You see each other alot. Your an open person normally and walls are down because you are happy. Meaning love drifts in. People don’t realise this back home, but it can be one of the hardest things to deal with travelling.


Food – You think you can get all your home comforts out here? Well you shouldn’t be wanting that anyway. Sometimes you gotta eat whats available. Thats good in a sense but sometimes the same thing isn’t pleasant but its food.


You Change As A Person – Your mind broadens, you think differently, you become yourself and rid any of your past influences. You are the real you when you are on the road, despite what anyone says, you are there because you decided. You realise everyone is pretty much the same back home, living the set life that society tells them too.




Life isn’t about getting drunk and complaining – There is so much positive things in life to look at, and things to do . Your hobbies and interest change. You forget that getting drunk isn’t all that is in life.



Beaches aren’t all that – They are nice to relax after a busy year, week, month – but lying on a beach can get really boring. It isn’t all about beaches, travelling is about life. Beaches are nice but the pictures give people back home the image of a relaxed lifestyle when its not like thast at all.


Bad accommodations and not knowing where you bed is the next night – Some people couldn’t leave there bed ever, freak out at the thought of not knowing where they are gonna sleep next. Travellers have to deal with this everyday. Mosquito bitten places with no fan or aircon in humid tempatures and sleeping in tons of different beds  every few days. Can be unsettling but most backpackers don’t even realise it.


Problems do happen – Whether your bank card gets eaten by a ATM, or you get something stolen such as your travel pictures, it sucks. However, it happens and you risk that. Keep calm and be positive.


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