I love Lima

Lima, now my favourite City in South America. I was expecting grungy, down, dirty, local South America with a bit of an addictive twist, however what I found what a City which has everything you want.  Staying in Miraflores and visiting Branco especially, Lima is a vibrant and gorgeous place, however still instilled with crazy drivers and over the top traffic.

The food is incredible. It has everything you want from overseas delights to local treasures. It reminded me a lot like Melbourne, foreign influx to traditional plates, making you never full and always curious for more different tastes.


It has the shopping malls for all your up market and cheap deals for clothes and other attire.

The beach with some decent waves bellows below the small mountain rock surface that most people live on. The beach is rough but consistent and good spot to hit the waves.


Museums and Art are in there dozens here. So you’ll never get bored of finding something cultural or interesting to discover.


Ruins from past Inca times also exist in the city. Strangely located compared to other ruin spots dotted around the environs of Peru, interesting and parculiar these are.


The nightlife is hot too, with many nightclubs and bars that you can visit all around the City, giving you too much choice really.


Transport is good with buses, metros and hoards of taxi’s all around you getting from wherever you want. The buses in Peru are notoriously luxurious from destination to destination.


The weather in Lima is nice and warm during daylight hours, however can become quickly cool with a breeze at night.

Generally people who visit or live in Lima love the place and want to stick about for a while. Especially around Kennedy Parque area, the life is very cosmopolitan and has both Peruvian and a western mix to it.

Short but sweet, but Lima It will not be our last meet.



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