The Sun is the solution?!

Why The Sun Shouldn’t Be The Solution To Your Happiness

How much do we crave the rays of that big boiling star that perches over our globe? I mean, I think w e do too much really. Generally we all love the sun. It allows us to feel relaxed with ourselves and wear looser clothes. But what do most of us do when we find the sun? We sleep. Is that what we are about? To work to save to sit on a beach and sleep? For us pale Europeans, the chance to enhance our appearance with a more bronze coloring of the skin. But that’s for ego surely?

As a European, we crave the sun. Most of us in Britain, want a beach, sun filled vacation to drink until pass out, pass out until we burn, eat until drink, sleep until wake.

We all need a break in life, from the clutches of life and overwhelming expectations we, employers, governments, family and general society put on us. We shouldn’t just have one break per year, it should be two at least. I feel sorry for the Americans, (yes I said it) – There vacation time is very much limited, 2-3 weeks per year, working like slaves to get a toe a further inch on the ladder for a career. Their employers watching over them giving no time for play and questioning anything they do socially that isn’t to do with working.

Does it not get boring lying on a beach all the time? Just to sleep? That’s it, you are working to sleep. We sleep enough and we don’t sleep enough in this life, why pay thousands to do it on another countries backyard? I think it comes down to we want what we don’t have. Everyone has a sense of that However the necessity of a beach to some Brits is hilarious. Almost as if it changes there life. I love the sun, the beach and being warm. However, living in Melbourne, Australia for example, you get all seasons. There should be things you can rely on in your life to enjoy other than just being sun kissed all the time. Is a tan that important? Tans are down to ego for sure, and albeit, people generally look more healthier with one generally (not considering Asians and South Americans for example who love the opposite, more pale skin), is a tan just a representation of your achievement lying in the boiling heat that you’d like to showcase?

In today’s day and age, we should never be bored. There is so many things to see, do, watch, listen, read, participate in – there really isn’t enough hours in the world anymore. A one hobby person is becoming extinct.

I’m English and from the North Shores, which gets impeccably cold, but now I’m picky about beaches and resorts. They have to bring a certain feel and paradise sense to its element, or I don’t waste my time. Los Roques, part of Venezuela, is the best I have been too. For its beauty and sacredness I wanted to go there for its clear waters. I soon got bored though, and couldn’t live there forever. Despite that last sentence, it does lift the spirit and create a more relaxing circulation of attitude both inside and swirling your exterior body.  Expectations have gone up, and I’ve been on the road for while so maybe that’s give me a right to write, this.

Next time you’re working away to save up for a vacation, or drooling over Beach photos on Facebook, realise that its only the sun. The locals and people who are in the sun, well they have it, but not something that defines them. The beach isn’t everything.



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