3 of a kind

We all know we can meet amazing people when we backpack. From different cultures, walks of life. We have common goals, we are outgoing, open minded and keen to experience new. It took me a while to get that connection with people in South America, that really sheer buzz of excitement, or that laughter that beats no other. Ecuador, Peru especially for meeting new people was incredible. A really cool, adventurous bunch. Unlike Asia, a massively social backpacker continent now, South America is more of an activity continent, more to see and do. I had some amazing reunions, better than I ever could of imagined in Colombia and Ecuador also. Then came Lima and Peru. And I met these two, Lawrence and Lena. We travelled together only for a short while really, from Lima to Huacachina to Nasca to Cusco. And as I write this, we have actually just all randomly met up again on different routes in La Paz, Bolivia, for a few hours. But I gotta say, our time together was the funniest I’ve had in South America. Me and Lawrence, almost like big brothers to Lena. We are all different in a sense. Lawrence is outrageously funny, yet down to earth and an honest guy. Crazy in his own antics but very harmless. A very good guy. Lena is funny with just being herself. One minute down next minute up, if she gets angry its adorable. Shes cute and happy, and not afraid to do what she wants.


We first bonded sandboarding in Huacachina. Doing an exciting, thrilling activity together brings out laughs and cries. But being together for it makes it. We shared our downhill drops together, our curses of steep dunes in different accents, we got comfortable with one another instantly, yet still not too comfortable, giving we are all solo travellers and have knew each other for a matter of days.


Partying in Cusco was great fun. Both nights, Lena drank too much, and me and Lawrence had a night each of looking after her. Lawrence was trying to help Lena when she was vomiting, for her to bellow ‘get outttttt’. Only for laughter from us two to begin. You couldn’t be angry at Lena, just love her for how she was. It worked incredibly well, an Englishman, Australian and German travelling together. Being honest and it felt like a family in a sense. As if we are siblings. I loved that. We bounced of each others words and actions and took everything in our stride. You cant buy that bondship. Its amazing that it just comes together sometimes. And yet sometimes when we travel we can end up travelling with people that we have the same mutual goal as, but there isn’t a incredible connection. The open minds are there, the willingness to talk to one another and share stories, speak the same language as they say on the road. Yet to find people like that will always last forever in my mind. A great time personally for me and love these two people. I hope I see them again soon.


Roll on another reunion. Cheers to that!


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