Don’t Chase People, Chase Dreams

When you decide to travel, you must have a certain independence that runs through your blood. You must be willing to face it alone, and ready to meet others, different people from all around the world. Remember, you are going travelling because you want something different, you are interested in a particular country, what is has to offer and of course your in a financially positive position. It’s too easy to always want to be with someone, and although maybe our instincts want that to save any embarrassment, and make it easier for us, is that bad being alone sometimes if you want to do something? I love being independent and on my own. I can decide what I want to do, when I want to do, and I can also unwind as I please. For me, giving my outgoing attitude, I’m not alone alot, and I welcome in many different people from other countries and nations to join me and share travel experiences with me. I think that determinds a certain mindset, an open mind understanding that everyone is different.


South America is coming to a close for me, after6 months in this wonderful continent. There is SO much to do, see and experience. Unlike other worn backpacking continents, it isn’t all about the partying. There is so many adrenaline or exciting tours to see and do. I see people doing the minimum here, the easy routes, partying, rest days, city exploring. I mean, thats all fine and all, but this continent has so much to offer. Why waste time doing that? I also see people missing iconic and amazing things to do because of other peoples travel plans. I think thats slightly sad if I’m honest.


The fear of being alone or not wanting to let anyone else in, well thats not really travelling etiqueete, and to be honest, its more like being on a vacation with the lads. People have their reasons but I feel that I could never forgive myself if I changed plans just because other people wanted to move on up aor travel faster for their own sake. I feel that is shooting yourself in the foot, and the only person losing out is you. Taking advantage of your freedom and building on your independence is what travelling is all about. You should expect to be alone, and be okay with that too, not make quick paths to get to the next party spot. You will always make new friends on the road, and if you are not willing or happy to do so, then you’ve become too comfortable which basically defeats a main objective of travelling in the first place.


This is your experience, who knows when you will have chance to be here, at a age or mindset where you are good for it. If you have to go on a tour alone, or to another city, do it, its what you wanst to do. If that means being alone for a matter of hours, then there should be no problem. I fear its a bad thing when backpackers are trying for everything perfect, to impose there lifestyles and choices for there means. Backpacking isn’t suppose to be easy, you have to accept somethings, say the goodbyes when necessary and mingle with the other nations apart from your own. I love to meet other nationalities, I think it makes ordinary conversations so much more fun, and challenging. It’s cool to see other mindsets, learn of habits and different ways of life. I recently visited the Amason, a life long dream to head there. I went alone, and had every reason to keep travelling with someone I really got along with. However, like her, we have our own paths, our own dreams. I’m not going to miss out on that.


Some of the best things about backpacking is the unknown and the nice surprises. The satisfaction you get when you reach a destination, take that awesome photo, meet someone new or that world wonder is better than you thought it was.
If you cant handle being alone, or just want to tag along to someone elses plans, then you have to question why you are spending all this money to do something that isn’t really yours. Go be yourself and find that individuality that you had when you first decided to hit the road. South America for one, is too big of a continent to be rushing around and just hitting the bars.

Otherwise, just go on vacation like most people do, you’ll be more at home there. The art of backpacking is the acceptance of being alone.


One thought on “Don’t Chase People, Chase Dreams

  1. But your solitude will be a support and a home for you, even in the midst of very unfamiliar circumstances, and from it you will find all your paths. -Rilke

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