Nasca Lines

The Nasca lines. What a peculiar and still to this day mysterious archaeological find in the Nasca mountain desert. For the ones who don’t know what the Nasca lines are, they are huge drawings of living things, apparently created centuries ago by local Inca tribes. One would believe these were offerings or presentations to their Gods above, other fantasists or enthusiasts may believe extra terrestrial life is behind these figures of life.


Quickly heading from a 3 hour bus from Huacachina, we had arranged prior for a flight over the Nasca lines. The best way to see them on a 8 seater chartered flight, one of the words UNESCO Heritage sites I was looking forward seeing first hand these historical ritual designs. Finally boarding our flight after our first aircraft had some problems on the ground, I have the say it wasn’t the most of steadiest of journeys. I’ve taken chartered flights in Guyana and Venezuela respectively, but this one was definitely a stomach churner.



To be able to give each passenger their rightful view of these designs, the aircraft visit each drawing twice, tilting heavily both times. Despite the nauseousness, seeing the sheer size of these markings I became in disbelief. Especially when comparing them to the size of a lorry on a road nearby, or a building too. Whatever these were created for, it would make you believe it was of a high importance or particular ritual. More of me thinks there were alot more originally created, only for time, nature or human intrusion to eradicate the rest. Thats just my theory though.
Hovering and titling over beautiful mountainside, the firs markings were of a Astronaut. Now we know they didn’t exist then, so thats a more modern name, but it was of a shape of a human with no hair and what appeared to be a walking stick, depicting an ‘old man’. This was embedded onto a mountain side rock and not flat like the others. Spiders, Monkeys and a pair of what appears to be human hands were some of the most notable ones, yet the Condor definitely is the largest and main attraction, almost the Nasca Lines logo if you like.




How these designs, why they are here still hasn’t been officially confirmed, but to be able to feel almost like a modern day ‘God’ seeing these offerings from a high up was a privelage to the people who created them. It shows life wasn’t as backward nor barbarian like before modern age. A short plane trip for 35 minutes, but memories, photos and thoughts onto these world wonders will last a lot longer down the lines than that.


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